Status Update

Something Itchy

Apparently it’s only one word to describe my latest absence in the blogosphere: chickenpox. That’s right. I am 31 and I have the chickenpox. How lucky am I x_x I’ll be back when the itching and the fever have gone. Advertisements

Letters to Life

Letters to Life (23)

“Om Mani Padme Hum” – Buddhist/Indian Mantra – Dear Life, This week was a bit of an experiment all round, but with positive results so far. First things first. Last week during my fourth self-defence class (I am taking a “women only course”, six lessons in total), the instructor approached me and asked me, or… Continue reading Letters to Life (23)

Music on Mondays

Earworm of the Week

Happy Monday everyone! Heard this old one on the radio the other day and it brought back memories (I think it was on a pre-set playlist I used when I started to run – ah the good old days!)


Wednesday Wisdom-Tile

Hope you are all having a good week!


Reminder (aka Don’t Just Bend Over)

Definition: finding the whole Universe is plotting against you, leaving notes on the doorstep as well as pains in your back. Only to remind you that “you need to do stuff.” Such as taking good care of yourself. “Over the years, I’ve found myself wishing sometimes my angel would show up. I could use a… Continue reading Reminder (aka Don’t Just Bend Over)

Music on Mondays

Earworm of the Week

Happy Monday to you all! This song has such a good vibe, I hope it’ll get you up and going for the whole week :)

Letters to Life

Letters to Life (22)

“Do what you must do and the strength to do it will come” – Random Paper Wisdom – Dear Life, Nothing I do seems to ever be good enough, now does it? I try to be nice to people, and as a result they walk all over me. When I try to be less kind,… Continue reading Letters to Life (22)