About Me


[a beautiful name; ~ Pronunciation: /Suh-man-tuh/]

  • Definition: Samantha is a Hebraic name, meaning ‘Listener’ or ‘She who is heard by God’.


As a wannabe-writer, I have a tendency to use more words than needed. So I’ll stick to eleven things to tell you about myself to keep it short:

When I grab a handful of M&M’s, I eat them in sequence: brown first, then red, blue, orange, green. I throw back the yellow ones, because they’re my favourite and this way I end up with a bag of yellow M&M’s only (I won’t share the yellow ones!).

I was taught British-English at school and I still use it spelling-wise. But when I speak English, I sound American.

All my stuff, jars, bottles, tubes, glasses, etcetera, face label forward.

When browsing through my magazines, sometimes I kiss pictures of people I think are very attractive, or when I come across something cute (like a panda). Think that’s strange? Sometimes I lick the pictures instead…

My favourite colour is yellow. My favourite animal is a giant panda. My favourite number is 4911.

Weeeee, panda! <3

Whenever I am in a waiting area, the first thing I do is search for a Donald Duck-magazine (don’t worry: I never lick those).

I mirror physical pains and apparent irregularities; if I find the same sore spot or irregularity (e.g. a bump under my skin) on the other side of my body as well, I assume I’m fine. If I don’t, I panic.

I hold conversations with inanimate objects, and with myself. I also tend to talk to my pet gerbils and answer myself in squeaky-voices as if it’s them talking back. I’ve heard people with cats do this, too, so I am not too worried about my mental health (I also think cat-people are very normal).

I’ve never stolen money from my parents. But I have, and sometimes I still do, secretly put money IN my mother’s wallet/purse.

Working out is a hobby of mine, and my favourite moves are the Clean & Press and Jumping Jacks. I could do Jumping Jacks all day long if I had to!

I can’t stand hearing someone’s heartbeat. Even my own makes me uncomfortable. It reminds me of how finite life is, and I’m always scared it’ll stop beating and I’ll hear it (or rather: I won’t hear it any more).

So there: eleven weird facts about me. Care to share some about yourself? Probably not ;)

Info about my country of origin:
  • I am Dutch. This means I am from the Netherlands, which is a different country than Germany – although they do border each other. Try this link if you’re still confused.

90 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I think you are a fantastic girl. I don’t visit your social media pages often, but when I do, your contributions always make me smile and frequently makes me laugh out loud.
    Amsterdam, april 2015

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  2. Love your blog. Have just had a good look around. You sound like an intelligent and interesting person. I am happy to be following you and look forward to future posts. Have a great rest of the weekend. 😃

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  3. Samantha, just a note to say I am really enjoying following your blog and certainly appreciate your following both of mine. Very kind of you and I look forward to your comments. (P.S. – all my stuff faces forward too…!)

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    1. I enjoy having you as a follower and being one of yours :) I may not be so interested in sports, but I like your writing-style!
      PS: and that’s the only way to have it! Looks so much better than the backsides!

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      1. I appreciate the comment about the writing style on the sports blog. I strive to make it “accessible” for those who don’t follow sports or the sport in question and have something of interest for all. P.S. – There simply is no other way but to put everything forward. That’s why they have a front and a back after all! :)

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  4. okeh. you are, indeed, border-lying sigh-cko, but inna goodly weigh. now, sum of the stuff, dawnuldduk magazeens, the weigh you eat MnMz, are, uh, not so much intriguing as worthy of the basis for my upcoming master’s thesis in sigh-call-oh-gee. but! i too talk to inanimate objects, especially those which are prone to fall over or off the shelf or disobey in some fashion or another. I WARN THEM, STERNLY. & i too have never stolen $$$ furrum my parents. but it’s too late, now, anyweigh.

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  5. Yes, acknowledgment for my psycho-ness! Finally! Deep down I knew all along, of course, but it’s nice to see it verified through the eyes of an innocent beholder :)
    I warn objects, too. Very very sternly. They never listen, though :(


    1. yeah, rite! in-animate objects rarely seem to listen! i will put something (e.g., a delicate glass vase) on a shelf and warn it sternly to STAY! and hope it has listened. and obeys …

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  6. You’re an awesome chick!

    I love that you put money in your mums wallet and you save all the yellow MnMs till last.

    I’m from Australia and I only recently started writing my blog. Nice to meet you! 😊

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  7. Once I was dating a mad and fascinating artist, and we stopped to study a painting in a gallery, when she whispered provocatively in my ear: “Are you ever tempted to lick the paintings?” You remind me a little of her :) And don’t fool yourself; you take GREAT pictures!

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    1. Lol! Lick the paintings… now THAT’s an idea! >:)
      Btw, I love your profile picture! I recently finished reading a (very bad) version of The Iliad and I *think* I saw that sculpture live once. It’s Laocoön, right?

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        1. To be honest, I never paid attention during Latin class when it was about translations and the language. But the stories I devoured like a hungry monster!


    1. Thanks, Marcus! In fact, I did hear the call of God, until I got home from a trip to China, I’m afraid. Now I’m searching for what I really believe in.


      1. Life is a big journey of a long and worthwhile quest. When you are looking for the Most High, may I recommend to look at some of my lifestyle and religious blogs?
        You are very welcome there to share your thoughts as well.

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  8. This isn’t spam, I swear. Well eh maybe it is? Nah it isn’t!

    I’ve nominated you for a bloggers recognition award on my latest blog post: https://ramblingkori.wordpress.com/2016/08/11/the-blogger-recognition-award/.

    If you want to (completely your choice) accept the award, here are the rules:
    1. You must write a post accepting this award
    2. Acknowledge the blogger that nominated you
    3. Briefly talk about how you got started blogging
    4. Give 2 pieces of advice for new bloggers
    5. Nominate 15 deserving bloggers!

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    1. Yes, us Dutchies like to confuse other people, muahaha! >:)
      My own heart beat doesn’t scare me that much any more… Somehow it soothes me, knowing it’s mine. I know, I am strange. Don’t even go there, we could talk all night about my peculiarities :’)

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  9. Samantha,

    I wanted to thank you for taking the time to like my Bay Art essay on writing first person rather than a self-help perspective. I don’t publish much on Bay Art and it is especially gratifying to reach new readers.

    I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts as well. .



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    1. Hi Jon,
      I liked your honesty in that article. You shouldn’t have to change the way you write because others want a different thing. If you write to make a living, sure that’s something you need to take into great account, but not when you write for you.
      Thank you for finding me here and commenting. It means a lot! I wish you and your family Happy Holidays and a good 2017! :)


    1. 80% of the Dutch folks don’t know about this, either. I used to use The Netherlands and Holland as synonyms, too. Oh well. I reckon someone one day thought: this country is too small to be of any meaning, let’s just make it a super complicated nation for everyone and see what happens globally.


        1. Pffft, that’s nothing. What REALLY bothers me is the lack of mountains! :( For someone who loves mountains and especially mountain views living in a country where the closest thing to a mountain is a speed bump is torture.


          1. I used to live in South Dakota where speed bumps weren’t even a thing. But if you follow me on Instagram I take lots of photos of mountains that are really nearby, so you can either enjoy them or be bitter that you don’t have them.

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  10. Hi there Samantha ~ I’m nominating you for the Blue Sky Tag :)) I found it really fun to do, myself, and I’m looking forward to your insights! Come by my Journal of Dawn blog and check it out. Will be putting my post up with all the info soon :))

    No pressure in answering all the questions, but I sure look forward to your answers, and your list of questions, too !!! Dawn



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