Status Update

About The Quiet

Sorry for not writing, but this week:

  • I’ve been bed strewn by a violent attack of the stomach flu. It was so aggressive, that after 19 years of happily living in my emetophobia-bubble my body finally gave in and I threw up :( I am still upset.
  • My godmother was told she could go home after being in the hospital for two weeks (!!). Sadly, nobody really believes this news, since during her time there she was told she’d get a pacemaker (three times), she’d be transferred to Utrecht (twice) and later Eindhoven (three times) for an ablation, followed by dismissive remarks on all those accounts, stating they’d just “fix her medication” and see where that’d take her. For now, she’s scheduled to go home with new meds and she’s placed on a waiting list for an ablation in… not sure whether it’s going to be Utrecht or Eindhoven. But somewhere else, and at least that’s a relief. What a crap hospital she’s been in!
  • My other aunt, also a sister of my father and my godmother, was diagnosed with cancer. A pretty bad case of it, if I can believe the updates I’ve heard of it. She’s going into hospital soon for an operation and later chemotherapy.
  • My niece was supposed to have been born this week.

As you can see, I have been busy being upset and stressed out and sick. Physically I am doing better, so let’s hope everything else will work out, too :)

Have a good weekend, everyone! And don’t forget to appreciate your loved ones a little more today. Just because you can.