Letters to Life

Letters to Life (21)

“Sometimes the most beautiful gift comes wrapped up in the ugliest paper”
– Random Paper Wisdom –

Dear Life,

Today I am keeping it short: why was that old man waving a slice of bread at me during my Wednesday run? I mean, I get why he was carrying a bread with him to the duck pond, but really: why did he take out one slice and waved it at me?

I thought I was meant to improve my trust in the good intentions of my fellow human beings? I thought we established not all men I see during my runs are rapists and not all women are out to tear me apart and rob me of my few belonging and my self-esteem? That I’d grow less paranoid instead of more?

Then why did you have an old creepy man wave bread at me? Why did you make him think it was either funny or would lure me to him? Why did you make him stare like that?

I mean, I know I am cute and all (it’s one of my physical blessings – just like I have got great hips), but I do not look like a hungry duck! Nah ah! Have you ever seen a duck with fluorescent blue-greenish running shoes? I don’t think so.

Sometimes you baffle me, Life. Like when you asked me to bake a chocolate cake for my sister. She didn’t seem too thrilled (well, at least she ate a piece), nor was she excited when I gave her the remaining half to take home. I practically had to thrust it into her arms!

I suppose my sister asked herself why I nearly threw half a chocolate cake at her, just as much as I wonder why someone would wave at me with a piece of bread.

But you probably have your reasons for that.

Like the paper-wisdom at the top, I hope my sister was secretly thrilled with her sweet surprise (wrapped in an ugly plastic concealer bag) as much as the hungry ducks at the pond were with that extra slice of bread.

In the end, at least nobody ended up being hungry.



8 thoughts on “Letters to Life (21)

  1. Hmmm … I’m not Life, so I can’t speak for it. But maybe all this food-giving is attempted love-giving. You know, it’s actually hard to find ways to show people we care without being a little weird, I’ve noticed.

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