Music on Mondays

Earworm Of The Week

A little while ago I seriously woke up in the middle of the night with this song in my head! D:

I didn’t mind too much, though. But since I’ve used it as an Earworm already I thought it best to share this great classical cover with you.

Have a good week everyone :)


5 thoughts on “Earworm Of The Week

    1. What kind of songs do you like, Ranjini?
      I think this song is brilliant, both the original (love Ed’s raspy voice!) and this one. Ooh, that cello gives me happy goosebumps :)

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      1. I like Indian songs – Sufi music, melodies etc. Among the English songs the very few I have listened to & loved are a few of Westlife & Backstreet boys’ songs. They will always be my most loved :)

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