Music on Mondays

Earworm Of The Week

I know it’s not a Monday, but this song just won’t get out of my head! In the name of “sharing each other’s burdens” I hereby give my earworm to you ;)

Have a good rest of the week, everybody!


16 thoughts on “Earworm Of The Week

  1. Nice tune, Samantha. As an old (and old time) rocker, I liked it a lot. It felt like the stuff I like to listen to from the early days of rock and roll. Almost like one of the old Motown tunes that had those wonderful rhythm tracks. Thanks!

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    1. I can’t say I know that song. I am sort of tempted to check it on YouTube, then again… If it got stuck in your head for a while I might be better off not knowing, heheh. Have a good weekend!

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