War Of The World

Would the World stop spinning if…

  • I’d be proud of something I did instead of being overly critical?
  • I spent a whole day binge-watching Scream Queens?
  • I’d forfeit to wash my car (again)?
  • I diverted from my diet by stuffing my mouth full of chocolate?
  • I look into the mirror and feel pretty?
  • I’d not make a head start on my homework?
  • I don’t find a suitable image to top this post?
  • My gerbils make a gigantic mess of their just-cleaned cage?
  • My neighbours’ cat ups his stalking routine?
  • I let go once in a while, scrubbing oven trays squeaky-clean while I should have given “only 70%”?
  • People don’t like me?
  • People do like me?
  • I don’t blog on time?
  • My idea of “success in life” does not equal the main idea of becoming rich (and famous)?
  • I admitted I have emotions? That I am not a robot?
  • I lose you?

So many questions, and only one answer to all: no. The World doesn’t care about any of these things. I do, though. Sometimes a bit too much, sometimes not enough. 

Today I didn’t care enough. Maybe tomorrow I will. And if the World does stop spinning in the mean time, I’d like to point out that’s not my fault.

Probably ;)


9 thoughts on “War Of The World

  1. Sam, I hope that post was exaggerated to be kind of funny. If not, I suggest you just relax a lot more and don’t overthink things. The best lesson I got from yoga years ago was how a couple of deep breaths would calm me down. If you are truly bugged by many of the things you listed, consider taking a few deep breaths and giving it a rest. Here is an old quote from an old man, ” Worry is a total waste of time. It doesn’t change anything. All it does is steal your joy and keep you very busy doing nothing.”

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    1. Don’t worry, Tony. It’s things I sometimes worry about, but then I ask myself ‘would the World stop spinning if I did/didn’t do that anyway?’
      Thanks for the advice, though :) Sometimes I do care about something too much.

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  2. Somewhere I heard like, it’s easy to be a part of the history,but not easy to make history. Like that stoping the world spinning won’t be easy.. but may be you can change the pace..who knows..😉

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    1. Haha, thanks, who knows ;) But for me it’s more of a reassurance: the World won’t stop spinning if bad things happen of if I make a mistake. None of all that is bad enough to end the World as we know it. Which is a good thing: if the World would stop spinning every time I’d feel I failed at something, we all would have ceased to exist a long time ago :p

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  3. While none of those would even slow the spinning world, let alone bring it to a stop, each is still important because it matters to you. And that’s OK too. Complete apathy is worse than over-involvement. J.

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