Light a Candle

Light a Candle

As April comes to an end it’s time to light a few more (digital) candles for those in need of our love, attention and prayers.

I’d like to dedicate April’s candle to, again, my sister and brother-in-law, as I got news yesterday their unborn has been given up. I cannot imagine their grief (I can barely understand my own), so this one is for them.

I also light this candle for my mother, who took a stand during her yearly post-cancer check-up and demanded a blood test, which indicated there’s maybe something wrong with her liver as well as her bone density.

I cannot take any more bad news, I think I’ve grown quite allergic to it, so I also – selfishly – light this candle for myself. The little mountain inhabitant in the video below perfectly describes how I feel inside.

Take care everyone, and let’s light some candles together to burn the last few hours of April down with love!

Who do you dedicate this month’s candle to?

21 thoughts on “Light a Candle

  1. Sorry to hear of your family’s problems, Samantha. At times like these I always find myself leaning on the saying – you are never tested beyond your means.

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  2. Sorry to hear about your sister and brother-in-law.
    Strong mother you have!
    I dedicate this month’s candle to my husband who works very hard to provide for our family and rarely complains.

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    1. Thank you, Ipuna! My mother had a scan today and very quickly after she got a call all’s fine! A realy relief :)

      What a nice gesture to dedicate this candle to your husband. He sounds like a real good man!

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  3. pfff the bad news is taking your life over.. I feel really sorry for you and your family. I’m putting on a candle RIGHT NOW, to send my love to you and your family. I hope everything is going to be okay with your mom and I hope your sister and brother-in-law are also getting along with it.. and I hope you are also doing okay. I send my luck and love and hope and hugs to you!! And BTW, I really love this blogpost about lighting a candle, I also havo to do this more often!

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    1. Thank you, Romy :) My mother was cleared today, so that’s a HUGE relief! And my sister and her husband have yet to face a very dreadful time, but I hope they know they can find comfort with us whenever they need it.

      You are welcome to share this candle on your blog and pass on the love, or light a candle in real life, hehe (I burn so many these days, it’s a miracle my house hasn’t burned down yet :p)

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      1. I did light a candle and he is still burning for you and your loved ones, and also for my own loved ones. I really like this thought that a candle could help a little :) when I’m in a church I ALWAYS light a candle, I think it is a really beautiful way to show your love for important people. Im happy to hear from your mom!!!

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        1. I also always light a candle when I’m in a church. Which is weird, because I am not religious… Still, I can never help myself heheh.
          Hope you and your loved ones are all okay!


          1. yeah me too, I’m also not religious or anything haha. Well, I was in the past, so maybe that’s why I always light a candle, but I just believe in it somehow haha, so I also can never help myself. Yes everyone is okay :) thanks for asking

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  4. Samantha, glad to hear your mother got some good news…but so sorry about your sister and brother-in-law’s situation. There are times when we absolutely have to light a candle for ourselves as well as others. I’ll dedicate a candle to my wife’s parents who are in declining health and can use some well wishes!

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    1. Thank you, Bruce :)

      What a nice gesture to light one for your parents-in-law. I hope their health stops declining and they get to enjoy life to the fullest despite any health issues.

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  5. Sending you a virtual hug and a bunch of love! I’m really glad your mom is fine. And I’m so so sorry for R and T.. I have no words. What a devastating news. It shouldn’t be like this. Wish you and especially them all the strenght there is Xx

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