Status Update

Panda Bear With Me

Due to incredible busy-ness I have to take a step down from blogging. Which is just a fancy way of saying I have no idea how to stick to my own blogging schedule at the moment. I am experimenting a bit with what works for me, so please bear with me while I figure things out :)


9 thoughts on “Panda Bear With Me

  1. It’s good to take a break, otherwise, you end up posting when you really don’t have your heart or full attention to the content. I’ve done that several times, taken some time away and then I couldn’t wait to return with fresh ideas! See you soon, hugs xo

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  2. Exactly what the others said. You don’t owe us anything, even though I (for one) enjoy hearing what’s on your mind. But relax, find your pace and your rhythm, and in some way it will all work out. J.

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    1. I appreciate this, J. I kept pressuring myself to take on more work above my weekly schedule and now I find myself in a time-pickle. A little rest and re-shuffling will help, though :)

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  3. Just do what feels right for YOU! Don’t feel sorry for us, we will see when you post anything new again and we will wait for just another new fantastic blogpost of you!! Good luck with your busy schedule in your daily life!!

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