As Hobbies Come…

I am currently watching a Dutch show about people being stalked and I can’t help but wonder how much free time stalkers have. They’re always there! Do they ever leave? Don’t they have jobs to get to, mortgages to pay, personal hygiene to attend to? How come they have so much time to spend on making someone else’s life miserable?

I could never be a stalker. I am far too lazy. Plus the weather here won’t allow for stalking to be an enjoyable hobby: it’s always rainy or stormy. Or even freezing (temperatures dropped below zero again last night). 

Some people really need to find a healthier pastime, especially when they’ve apparently got so much free time on their hands…

9 thoughts on “As Hobbies Come…

    1. Haha, even then it takes time. So many more fun things I could be doing instead. And when do you sleep? This guy was filmed around a woman’s house almost 24/7! Any time of day, he was there. So creepy.

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    1. Hahaha, aw, that’d be a bit weird at most, but probably cute, too, in a way. I already have a cute stalker, though. He’s always in my backyard and waits for me to come home from work. So I can give him a cat treat, hahaha <3

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    1. Social media stalking creeps me out, too. Although… I am much more offline than I am online. I think I’d feel sorry for any potential stalker of mine: my life is just too boring to keep track of all day long. I think anyone stalking me would either give up after two days or pull through and then die of dullness. I’d find their bodies in my front yard and wonder what’d gotten into them. As for online stalking: I even get excited when I get spam in my WP inbox, imagine that! :’) Like my blog is important enough to try and get your spam on, haha.


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