Marvelous (aka Even If Your Sense Of Smell Is Bad, It’s Good To Smell Great)

  • Definition: Treating yourself to, well, a treat, because you know you deserve it. Nothing too big, just a simple little thing to lift your spirits and appreciate your own input.

“It is always the simple that produces the marvelous”
– Amelia Barr –

What’s more common than the cold? I have no idea, but I do have a cold. A very common one, as my nose is all red and stuffed and I keep sniffing as if it’s what I was put on this planet to do.

Even if it’s not the aim of today’s post, I suppose perseverance really does kill the game: after sneezing and wheezing around the house for two weeks straight, my mother has finally got me infected. Hooray! (NOT).

Anyway, back on topic: treating yourself after accomplishing something or reaching a goal. I remember my psychologist talking about this when I was in therapy (say, eight years ago or so) and me thinking: yea right. But she was right.

Here’s what she told me: treat yourself to something nice after accomplishing a difficult task, as a way of showing self-appreciation. It would lead to a more fulfilled and happy feeling, so my psych said.

A little over a week ago I reached a savings goal I’d been working on for months! That’s months of telling myself I couldn’t buy anything I didn’t necessarily need, because my money was to go elsewhere. And that feeling sucked; depriving myself of anything luxury because of my “greater good”.

What didn’t suck was the feeling I got when I hit my mark (and set a new goal, but that’s a different story)! I felt so uplifted, so relieved, so good about myself, I decided it was time to test my psychologist’s words and treat myself to something marvelous.

Turns out if you keep telling yourself not to buy anything you want but don’t need, it can get quite tricky to conjure up a reward. But after one and a half week I finally saw the light and the fullest bottle of this Marvelous perfume.

It smells so sweet and subtle, it’s as if you walk by a perfume store and you catch that whiff of “come-in-and-buy-something-smelly-in-a-good-way-that’s-way-overpriced”.

It feels kind of like a shame: smelling this good and not being able to pick up on it myself (*sneeze sneeze*, *cough cough*), but I still feel marvelous. Marvelous because I reached my goal, marvelous because I treated myself, and marvelous because it says so on the bottle.

(At this point I am just annoying my British-English spell check that’s underlining all things marvelous with one l).

Right. I am off to make myself a Hot Whiskey and getting to bed early. I don’t have work tomorrow, so I guess it’s just going to be another marvelous day :)

What do you do to reward yourself when you’ve reached a goal?

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