Qualities In Sight

“Many individuals have, like uncut diamonds, shining qualities beneath a rough exterior”
– Juvenal –

As you could have read in one of my previous posts, one homework assignment I had to do this week was to list my qualities in a creative way. Not just sum them up, but make it a collage, put into view what I am good at.

I had to list at least ten things I am good at and I dreaded it for a while, because I am much better at thinking of all the things I am not good at. But to my surprise, as I was making a list of qualities, I ended up with more than ten! Hah, imagine that ;)

As promised, these are the qualities I came up with, in random order. You’ll have to forgive me for not using the images, but it was such a lot of work putting it all together, I don’t feel up to translating everything. So just take a good look at the top image and there’s nine for you already in image ;)

  • Orderly

    There is no one as neat as me. Okay, probably there is, but still. I keep things clean and tidy and am always right on track (with reading, work, homework, etcetera).

  • Empathic

    I am good at feeling what someone else feels, or switching perspectives (pretending you are the other person to understand them better).

  • Go-Getter

    When I start something, I finish it. There’s no quitting until the end has been reached. Problems will get solved and a solution will be found.

  • Funny

    I didn’t realise people thought I was funny until a classmate told me she thought it was strange to witness me go from social and funny to a serious and stern coach (we practice on each other and I have not found my way of coaching yet – it’s only been 2 sessions so give me a break, lol!). When I was doing this assignment, though, I had so much fun, I noticed my own sense of humour (and I liked it).

  • Respectful

    I think respecting each other, despite any possible differences, is key in living in harmony. We are all humans and we all do our best, and I respect that. I also dislike being unprofessional, indecent or downright rude to people, especially people you don’t know.

  • Generous

    I give my blood to people who need it. I have donated my hair twice, to help make wigs for sick children. I am a registered donor and stem cell donor. I go out of my way to find the perfect present for someone (and I love doing that). I give people my time, attention, and devotion when they need it.

  • Adventurous

    Canada, for the national parks. China, for the pandas. Ireland, for the language (and the drinks/food, music, and mountains). Iceland, for the amazing nature. And all of that on my own. I mean, I was in a group, but I went alone, not knowing anyone beforehand. If that’s not adventurous, I don’t know what is.

  • Caring

    I cared for my mother when she was ill, I cared for the pandas when I worked in that reserve, and I spoil my two gerbils rotten. Not to mention the neighbours’ cat, who doesn’t wait for me to come home for nothing (he does so lying right behind the porch so I can’t see him, then he makes his move when I put my bicycle away – he always catches me off guard, but he knows he’ll get attention). Now that I think of it, for some reason animals and children always like me… That must surely say something ;)

  • Obedient

    Tell me to make a collage of my qualities and I’ll do exactly as I am told (maybe sometimes a bit too much). I don’t like breaking the rules, because I know they’re there for a reason (like traffic rules).

  • Helpful

    When I can help someone, I will. If I have to pause my run for someone who’s lost and asks for directions, then so be it. I helped my mother find a dancing school and a voluntary job so she feels happy and needed again.

  • Humble

    You won’t ever catch me saying I am good at something! Oh, wait… ;)
    But I don’t like to be in the centre of attention and receiving compliments is something I have to work on, because I often feel I don’t deserve them (what makes my input so great when there’s so many other people around?).

  • Creative

    I made this blog from scratch. I made a collage of my qualities, and when there’s a (technical) problem I am good at finding a creative solution for it.

  • Sportive

    I used to teach Body Pump! And if that’s not enough: I also run 5k a week (at least) and do dance fitness. The other side of sportive (sportsmanship – in Dutch they use the same word for both) is also a part of me: I like winning a game, but I don’t necessarily need to in order to feel good.

  • Polite

    Having worked in stores for the majority of my professional life I can say I am well-skilled at being polite and remaining calm in all kinds of situations, especially tricky ones.

So there you have them: a list of my qualities. And something tells me this is just a start.

What are some of your qualities?

14 thoughts on “Qualities In Sight

  1. Samanta, you asked what was our qualities; but you didn’t say if you wanted “good” qualities or “bad”. If you want my bad qualities, this box is far too small to include them all.

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    1. Thanks, Mahevash! :)
      Maybe you are too humble and it keeps you from talking about yourself in a positive way? There’s only one solution: practice makes perfect ;) If you’re going to promote your book you’ll have to talk brilliantly about yourself! ;) (and you deserve all the good things you say).


  2. I love that opening quote Samantha. Also enjoyed learning much more about you through your homework. Maybe I need to do this assignment sometime. As I said in an earlier comment I don’t think I could get to ten!

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  3. LOVE IT!! It all fits you perfectly!! You are such a beautiful person Samantha, try to think about all these positive qualities of yours, when you are feeling down, because I know for sure a lot of people would be jealous of you and these beautiful qualities you own!!

    Liked by 1 person

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