Distraction (aka If You Have A Problem…)

  • Definition: (To finish the sub title:) If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can get a photo of you with Face from the original A-Team hidden in the background to help you distract your mind from all negative business going on otherwise. (I swear he was there! I nearly choked when I saw him!)

“You can always find a distraction if you’re looking for one”
– Tom Kite –

As childhood heroes go, I was a sucker for The A-Team. Really, any member, I couldn’t pick a favourite. And know that by the time I was watching the shows I was living off re-runs of re-runs. In fact, I think my eldest sister was already living off re-runs, and we differ seven years, so go figure.

So imagine my excitement when I learned Dirk Benedict aka FACE (!!) was to visit Dutch Comic Con (DCC). AND I HAD TICKETS! (Well, me and my eldest sister, because what good is it to go alone while you can be in great company?)

Now imagine my disappointment when I learned Face’d be doing a Q&A at 10:15am and we weren’t to arrive until  11am…

Now imagine my renewed excitement when I found this A-Team van just standing there, waiting to have its picture taken with me (also notice the tiny B.A. Baracus inside – WHOOP!), and then walking around it and seeing Face in an enclosed space singing autographs for fans.

I thought it was a bit too much to buy either a photo or signature ticket (they cost more than the entrance fee and would allow you to only either have your photo taken with one celebrity of choice or get his/her autograph), so I wasn’t allowed into the area, but just seeing Dirk sit there, alive and well, interacting with other humans, was great.

After all the drama my brains have had to endure (by no means do I want to imply my hardship is worse than the people actually going through that what makes my heart break – it is not!), it was a blast hanging out at DCC. I am not one for big crowds, but somehow the ambience at DCC was perfect for me. It’s mellow, it’s loveable (I didn’t get bumped into once), people who dressed up were accepted, people who didn’t dress up were accepted. It’s always all-round good vibes. Even having to wait for my yearly Swirl’s didn’t bother me at all!

Truthfully, I was very bummed out I didn’t get to sit in on Face’s Q&A. But I soon learned Lennie James was attending DCC, too, so me and my sister had our lunch while he answered lots of questions about The Walking Dead. Besides, what question would I have had to ask Dirk? I had no idea. Therefore, seeing him live in the distance was more than good enough.

Days like these are rare and very much needed. Sometimes you actively need to seek distraction from your worries and live life, enjoy it, even if it’s only for a day. Just let go and hug a few Power Rangers (okay, so there were only a red and a blue one and they were wearing funny weird outfits so I didn’t feel too obliged to ask them for a picture or a hug. Plus, we got losing scratch cards from them so no extra incentive there).

The A-Team… they always made things right back in the days, and they still do so today. I better brush off my DVD collection (which came in a cardboard van – lol! I am such a nerd) so I have my distraction at hand when needed :)

What gives your brains a sometimes much needed distraction? Who were (or are) your childhood heroes?

21 thoughts on “Distraction (aka If You Have A Problem…)

    1. Lennie was really kind and funny, it was great sitting in on his session :) I really hope his character won’t die for a long time, but maybe also that Morgan and Negan end up in one room together (Lennie said only one would come out – now that would be a battle).


              1. BTW, I should have mentioned the show ‘Justified.’ It is no longer on the air, but available in DVD form. I recommend it. It was based on the writings of Elmore Leonard. I have been a fan of his for 25 years.

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  1. Exercise and/or music will often provide me just the right amount of brain distraction. My childhood heroes were various athletes who often didn’t achieve immortal status but instead were steady performers and contributors to their teams. Sometimes the most valuable tool a leader can have is a strong #2 person. Those were the kinds of athletes I liked – those who played their roles exceptionally well even if not leading ones.

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  2. hey Samantha, it has been a long time ago!! I know you didn’t do really great the last time we spoke, so I hope everything is better with you now (I’m going to read all your blogposts, so I will find out :D) but it made me really happy to already read this blogpost of your fantastic day, I feel your excitement while reading. You look stunning and really happy on that photo. I didn’t even look at the famous guy in the background because I saw you and your pretty smile so that already made me really happy!! XX

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