Wednesday Wisdom-Tile

Who said The Walking Dead isn’t inspiring? Not me! I fished out this great quote when watching the latest episode.

Happy Wednesday, everyone! :)


8 thoughts on “Wednesday Wisdom-Tile

      1. I’ve always loved zombie’s & am a huge horror fan. But, for some reason I never understood what was the whole point with the show. There are likely more dead people in each episode, you know? But, in all my criticism the show has done well with getting people hooked. :)

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        1. Well, the episode before the last one had verrrrrry little zombies and I was verrrrrry disappointed :(
          But story-wise… I guess it’s improved a lot from the beginning, but now they’ve kinda lost sight on the zombie part. Having said all that, I still watch it every week, haha

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            1. Whatever they do, it’s never good. And yet it seems whatever they do, it works!
              I am at a loss here. But there’s a guy with a baseball bat causing mayhem so I might as well keep watching :p

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