Letters to Life

Letters to Life (8)


“You look for three qualities when choosing friends: that they give what is difficult to give; that they do what is difficult to do; and that they bear what is difficult to bear”
– Random Paper Wisdom –

Dear Life,

Do you know the story that tells about like-minded people not being able to complete a simple task? That when you put thinkers with thinkers, doers with doers, makers with makers and jokers with jokers and give them all a simple task to carry out, as a group of similar thinking people, none of the groups can make it happen?

You know why? Because you need each other’s talents to get somewhere. We can’t do it all on our own, we need each other to compliment us and help us broaden our horizons.

Now try and tell every politician that. They are all set on one thing: to win the elections. Ours are in give or take two weeks’ time and I have still to decide who to give my vote to. So far I managed to choose up to five parties that will NOT get it. Not because we are too alike, but because we are not alike at all in our thinking.

There is a difference in complimenting each other’s abilities and not getting along at all. If one or more parties is not interested in hearing the opponent’s arguments, the deal is off. There’s no chance of collaboration then. And at this point I feel like every single political party that’s in the upcoming elections in the Netherlands is talking like there are no people but them to listen to.

It’s the same for friendships: they can only blossom if there is mutual respect. You don’t have to be the same, or have a lot in common, as long as you respect the other person’s ideals and the choices they make in life everything’s fine.

Some of my friends are not like me at all. But because we respect each other, we make a great team. A few thinkers, a few doers, a few makers and a joker here and there. We don’t always see eye to eye, but that’s just fine; we get things done.

And that, Life, is the type of people we need. Thank you for giving me such wonderful individuals to spend my time with, and let’s hope (or maybe even pray) that one day all of the “big shots” in politics (and everywhere else) will come to realise they need some “little shots'” opinions, too. Because we can’t move forward unless we do so together.


Are your friends like you or do you differ (in a lot of ways)?

6 thoughts on “Letters to Life (8)

  1. Definitely the best teams complement one another in abilities and competencies. For example, the librarians downtown include introverts and extroverts, book people and tech people, artists and poets and marathon runners and bicyclists. Hardly any of them are unmarried women wearing glasses and tight hair buns shushing the patrons. J.

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  2. I know for a fact I don’t think or act or function like any of my friends. We are all very, very different. We are from different cultures, different countries, different religions. And I managed to get along with every one of them most of the time. And respect is that big key that is necessary. Do unto others…

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