Light a Candle

Introducing: Lots Of Candles

It’s the last day of the month and I thought it would be a good idea to pause for a moment and think about everything that’s happened in the past 28 days. I have been constantly worrying about a lot of things, people’s healths especially, more than ever since today I learned my godmother was involved in a minor traffic accident. She’s now in hospital, nothing life-threatening, but it was a scary surprise to hear about it.

I don’t know about you or your cultures, but I was always told to light a candle whenever someone out of reach is in need of your attention. It is a way of showing you care about someone and your thoughts are with them, even if you cannot spend every waking (or sleeping!) minute actively sending prayers their way.

So, without further ado, I present to you my future Last-Day-Of-The-Month post: Light a Candle.


I dedicate February’s candle to my godmother: may she have a speedy recovery, and to my dear friend C, who’s recently had her last chemo therapy and needs all the positive energy she can get (yes, I am still burning my house down with candles for you ;)).

You can create your own post, re-blog this one or use my comment section to tell me:

Who (dead or alive) are you burning this candle for?

Let’s burn WordPress down with our positive thoughts and electronic candles! :)


33 thoughts on “Introducing: Lots Of Candles

  1. I love the “light a candle” idea. I often jokingly tell my husband, “I’ll make some toast in their honor.” I mean actual toast as in bread in the toaster. It’s about the act of expressing that you are thinking about them. (And having a snack). It feels good and it tastes good. And a candle is a much better expression than toast. Each time I look at it during the hours it burns is a great reminder to myself about what that person means to me. I think I have a new habit! Thanks.

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  2. They are fortunate to have you in their corners! This entire post is wise and wonderful in every way. I am sending you and your loved ones my best thoughts. While I am not religious, I totally believe that loving thoughts of others offer powerful help.

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    1. I am not religious either, but I do have people in my thoughts and burning candles helps me worry a teeny bit less as it’s a sign I care. Kind of like proof to myself I care, as well as making thinking of someone else more tangible.

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      1. Again, perfectly said. One thing about candles for me, however, is that I have to be super careful to remember to blow them out when I leave the room. Too often I’ve driven away and had to return home in the way that others worry that they left the gas on- haha

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    1. (I did write ‘godmother’, right? Am starting to doubt myself now :p).
      Anyway, thanks for the kind words, Bun :) Who’d you light a candle for?


      1. Yep, I came back here to check, but you did write godmother and not grandmother. The problem is with my eyes, I think, rather than your writing! I should probably light a candle to the recovery of my powers of reading comprehension! :) I think instead, though, I’ll light a candle for my parents, who are both now old and in not very robust health these days.

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        1. No worries, it’s the thought that counts and you weren’t the only one. I know what you meant, it’s just I started doubting my mental health for a second, haha.
          I hope your parents’ health will improve and that they get to enjoy themselves.

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  3. I also do this when I want to give some positive energy to someone! I missed your blogposts, I didnt had a lot of time and energy to read things on the internet, so I’m really excited what I’m going to read in your next blogposts! Hope your godmother is okay and I wish your friend the best of luck :)

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