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Earworms Of The Week

First of all: sorry for being absent. Normally I visit everyone’s blog at least once a week to stay updated, but my head’s been so full and I’ve been so exhausted I simply couldn’t get to it. Add that to a new weekly routine and you’ve got a mess, haha. I promise I’ll get back to you all, it’s just going to take a little longer than I intended.

On a “full mind” note: I present you with not one but TWO Earworms! Although, I must admit the second one is to help you cope with the physical unpleasantness you’re bound to experience (cover your ears!) from number one.

And yes, to the people who remember: it’s that time of the year again (or check the song in this one for more horror!).

Cheers and take care of yourselves! Let’s make this week worth it! :)

This is seriously one of the big “carnaval hits” of 2017. Don’t ask me why. The chorus goes a bit like this: “You cannot get that smile off my face/That’s something you’d wish you could”, followed by a lot of blah. It’s about a man being provoked by his ex and even if his heart wants her back, he keeps putting a smile on his face to show her he’s over her.

Okay, done with that one, let’s get to the good stuff!


14 thoughts on “Earworms Of The Week

  1. Adele could sing gibberish and she’d still be riveting.

    Is the Dutch (I think) singer a special country favorite? It seems to me that here in the US we’re too quick to dispose of talent as they age, compared to how loyally other countries treat their artists. I’m especially thinking about how Japan declares special artists as National Treasures and Spain’s flamenco artists are more revered with experience.

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    1. I have never heard of the Dutch singet before. Then again, I am not into this type of music, to be honest. I think, regarding this genre, André Hazes could be seen as the big favourite.
      Singers here nowadays are usually one day flies, mostly young stars who’ve won a tv programme or other. But some old ones have made their name and are, so it seems, eternally linked to Dutch music. I suppose Marco Borsato would be another one.

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        1. Don’t worry, it happens to me sometimes when I want to delete a character and my fingerd appear too big for the keyboard :’)
          You know, I always thought that was an American term! We adopt so much English into our national vocabulary. Might be British then, or just a translated term, as we would use the same one in Dutch.

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