Wednesday Wisdom-Tile


For some people “being happy with who you are” is conquering your inner demons (I speak for myself, yes). I hope you are all happy with who you are!


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Wisdom-Tile

  1. I think self-improvement is often driven by not being happy with who you are. For instance, one can be grossly out of shape and over-weight. If they are happy like that, I’m not sure where the incentive is to live a healthy lifestyle. Or if they don’t have much of an education or trade, again if they are happy serving burgers, I’m not sure where the incentive comes from for striving for a more successful career.

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    1. That’s a nice look on things. Yes, unhappiness comes from being dissatisfied with something, and happiness is different for everyone. And differs per day, haha! (Just kidding, but everyone experiences an off day now and then).

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