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Earworm Of The Week

My favourite radio station spends an hour each day playing “bad song requests”. Most of them stem from the 90’s, like this one! Ah, the good old days. I even remember the dance! :D

Happy Monday!


18 thoughts on “Earworm Of The Week

    1. Oh Lord, yes, those shoes! And the characters. And all the happy pop songs. I went ballistic when they ended the Olympics closing ceremony in London a few years back. When those London cabs lit up with “SPICE” I really lost it, hahaha.

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  1. I’d never seen this video before. It reminded me a little of a movie by the Beatles (A Hard Day’s Night, I think), where they all lived next door to each other on a row and everyone was impressed by how little fame had gone to their heads, but their houses had all been combined into one huge house behind the facade. :)

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    1. Sounds like a fun movie. I doubt the Spice Girls all (willingly) lived together, though. I thought in the end there were some issues between some of them (but not sure – I loved their music but wasn’t a die hard fan. I had Britney, so…)

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  2. Where have I been? I’ve never seen the video or heard the song. I admit to not having a big “Spice Girls” knowledge base but this one escaped me until now. This is officially my “learn something new every day” item for today.

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