Letters to Life

Letters to Life (3)


“I will not complain. I will leave negative statements behind me. I will encourage us with confirmations. I will not waste my time with rejecting everything. I won’t howl to spread evil, but I will sing a hymn about the beauty of the good”
– Random Wisdom Paper –

Dear Life,

Last Sunday I was getting ready to visit a museum with my sister and her children, while of a sudden I noticed I was feeling cranky. For no apparent reason I felt gloomy. Just like I used to.

Somehow, this realisation comforted me. I hadn’t felt down since the beginning of the year and I was starting to wonder what was wrong with me, being happy all the time.

I don’t think it is healthy to be blissful all the time, just as it is not good for you to be continuously sad. We need both to appreciate the better moments in life; if all would be great all the time, what is there to live for? To strive for? To aim for? We need our lows so our highs can get higher, right?

I suppose I was merely a bit worried I was getting unbalanced. Which is funny, because I spent so long being unhappy and miserable, longing for the better days, and now it was almost reversed. It was not like I was looking forward to being sad again, but more… Awaiting. I was awaiting the moment my bliss would fall off me again and I’d be back to being grumpy. Being grumpy was my life for so long it seemed like the feeling was inevitable.

But here I was, day after day, week after week, being happy and positive. I kept prodding myself to see if there were any negative thoughts, but nothing. All I could do was shrug and go on with the day, happy as a child. It didn’t feel like me at all, and so I lay in the shadows, waiting for that moment I’d step out of bed with the wrong foot.

That moment was Sunday. Without me expecting it, you had moved behind me, Life, and nipped me in the butt. But only just a little this time. Because after I decided I was fine with being a bit down, I instantly felt better.

For not only was this proof I am, in fact, human, it also meant good days were ahead of me again. And there’s nothing better to have in sight than happiness.


PS: About this week’s random paper wisdom: SERIOUSLY?? You have a weird sense of humour, Life (but I like it)!

How have you been feeling, lately? Happy, sad or something in between?

10 thoughts on “Letters to Life (3)

  1. This morning I felt the need to postpone the usual work routine for at least two hours and enjoy the most decent mug full of hot coffee in days, before presenting myself to my customers *LOL* And guess what: the coffee was so darn good I felt sorry it was not possible to really hug and stroke it tenderly, immediately —

    Sure feels good to read you, tho :)

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  2. Most days I feel all of the above and everything in between. I don’t consider myself moody but I do shift in and out of happy/not so much/sad/not so much/happy pretty consistently. I wear my emotions…which I tell myself is good because internalizing stuff messes one’s insides up terribly. You can pretty much size up how my day is going by looking at me. I can go the length of the spectrum from happy to sad and back again in record time!

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    1. I recognise a lot in your story! Today I was mostly cranky, but I don’t think anybody noticed until I snapped at my mother… Oops! I am the ‘bottling it al up”-kind, I am afraid. But in general, I have been feeling a lot more upbeat lately :) I usually fly through emotions like a rocket, but lately it’s been less chaotic.

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  3. Beautiful Samantha.
    That’s a quite wonderful outlook towards and speaking to Life as a human helps a lot.

    It makes a endearing effect on life and boosts moral.

    Cheers to your spirit mate. 😃

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