Solution (aka When You Find Yourself In A Pickle And You See No Way Out: Eat The Pickle)

[Noun; ~Pronunciation: /suh-loo-shuh n/]

  • Definition: Stop thinking in terms of problems and start looking around for answers. When you find yourself in a bit of a mess or a predicament, know there is always, always, a way out somehow. And if you don’t see one, ask around for help. There’s no shame in that.
solution“Every problem has in it the seeds of its own solution. If you don’t have any problems, you don’t get any seeds”

– Norman Vincent Peale –

Money. Somehow it never was an issue and somehow it always is.

I’ve never been rich, but I’ve never had money problems: if I wanted something I’d find a crappy job and save up until I could buy it (usually this was a holiday of some sorts as the “I am going to find a job and walk the path of millions of others because that’s what a good girl should do”-phase would wear off and my fingers would start to itch again).

This time it’s different. I am making a huge investment. Not because I want to get filthy rich (although if I end up making money because of this, that’d be very nice), but because I am stuck and want to move forward.

Here is the deal: I want to become a life coach. The course starts in January and if they have a spot left I am obliged to pay up the whole intuition in one go, otherwise it’ll cost me €300 extra on administration fees to break the payment in three. €300 is a lot of money for me so I’ve decided not to make use of this payment option.

But that means I am broke. Officially out of savings.

I know in my heart of hearts this is what I want and everything that’s worth having is worth handling the trouble for. But coming from a money-wise family it hurts nonetheless (we are no skinflints, but my parents raised me and my sisters to understand the value of money and to always save up, keep some for worse timings if they come).

My mind keeps going around and around in circles: December is such an expensive month, and that’s even without the presents (we don’t really do Christmas in our family the way most of you might). There’s doctor’s bills, my car insurance was due, together with its annual check-up and on-the-road help service.

Everything was piled up already and then the intuition for my course is suddenly not being slashed in three, as I had expected it would.

For a moment (or actually, a few weeks) I’ve been doing nothing but focus on my problems, asking myself all kinds of “What Ifs“, even though I know very well those are useless.

But then my parents came to the rescue. No, they are not giving me the money, they are simply handing me a temporary solution so I don’t have to drown in this madness that’s called Total Financial Sh*t.

My parents reminded me to focus on solutions rather than problems. No matter the origin of the issue (financial, social, personal), there’s a solution. I am not saying it’s going to be a life saving or life changing one, but it can surely keep you going for a while longer.

Am I still broke? Heck yea, but it feels so much better now that I know there’s a solution to that :)

What were problems you worried about? And how did you solve them?

14 thoughts on “Solution (aka When You Find Yourself In A Pickle And You See No Way Out: Eat The Pickle)

  1. Thank you for this lovely post…. Sometimes we know what is right way to approach life but yet we tend to forget…. Very early this year I started knowing that there are answers to many questions in life… And some questions are need not be solved by us, simply trust the source… This post of yours is a reminder.. Thank you

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  2. I’ve always tried to stay out of debt, but vehicle repairs and appliance replacements had to go on a credit card, and it’s been years since my debt was anywhere close to zero. I just keep plugging along, knowing that someday I will catch up–maybe even before I retire. J.

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    1. I hate being in debt, and I aren’t officially in one yet. But the fact that I can’t do this on my own account (pun!), really dented my pride. I know I’ll be fine, though, I always land on my feet and my parents know I won’t take their help for granted. I am just glad they offered it :)


  3. Good job!! Even if you are broke just for now, you are going to do what you LOVE. And this is soooo important!! I have the same situation right now. Im working less because of personal stuff what was going on and at the beginning of january I quiet with working because I hare working in a shop and people are so mean and it makes me really tired to go to this kind of work where im not even happy. So i dont get any money anymore from january on. And I want to travel so I have to get money from my saving account. It all kinda scares me and I have also a lot of what ifs in my head but I know Im doing this to make myself happy and this is the best what we can do in life :) either way we will survive this because this is what has to be done in our lives!! But I think you can be really proud of yourself that you are going to do what you love :)

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    1. Thanks, but if they are not impressed by me I might not get the green light to join the course, so I don’t want to get my hopes up – I’ve already been disappointed a lot this year, lol, I don’t want to add to that.
      I hate how the world revolves around money! Somehow it’s always there, in the back of my mind, a little voice asking me if I should be doing this or that, because it’ll only cost money. I know if they’ll allow me to take this course I’ll have to pay up and that scares me witless: what if I won’t ever be able to earn it back? But… only time can tell. Time, devotion and passion will hopefully restore my faith in myself :)
      I wish you a lot of fun on your travels! Any concrete plans yet?

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      1. Well I know for sure they are going to be impressed by you!! Let me know if you have any answers Im curious about it :)
        Well I dont have any concrete plans. Im busy with my last working days and last exams on school and in January Im done with everything so then I want to search and figure everything out :)

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  4. Whoever THEY are are always saying “do what you love, the money will follow.” I don’t subscribe to that being an automatic, instant action-reaction but…if you are doing what you truly love and have a passion for it any (money) problems are much easier to tackle than if you are half-committed or half-interested. The need for (some) money is always over our shoulder. Solutions can’t be found if we are looking behind us – that much is for sure. Look forward, straight ahead…into a great future Samantha!

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    1. Thank you, Bruce. This coaching idea really gets me excited and every time I start to doubt, something or someone comes along (like the woman from the intake) who takes that all away. I can’t wait to get started! And hopefully this will eventually help me recover financially. Doing something you love and being able to make a living off of it… How nice would that be!

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