Disrespect (aka You Get What You Give)

[Noun; ~Pronunciation: /dis-ri-spekt/]

  • Definition: Forgetting what is more important than your own pressing wants, for instance: littering the world around you because you can’t bring yourself to throw your empty bottles, wrappers and even hubcaps in the trash, but leave them out in the roadside instead.

“There is no respect for others without humility in one’s self”
– Henri Frederic Amiel –

Today I was frustrated by many things. For starters, my mother went swimming with my crazy sister and her daughter, but forwent to leave a message she was going to be late for lunch.

The second thing was when I opened my email and saw I still hadn’t gotten the update for a project I’m working on. An update that was promised a week ago, for a project that is due next Friday… Imagine my stress levels at this moment. AND I can’t ask for it again, because I’ve done that too many times already and I don’t want to be a nag.

Then I got frustrated because I learned my adopted-and-very-ill sister-from-another-mother has been on the phone with a shared friend again, while I am dying to speak with her. I keep getting a: “I’ll call you, soon!”, but nothing happens. At this point I am too chicken to pick up the phone, because I don’t want to bother her when she’s too tired or not in the mood or something.

I mean, I am having severe doubts whether or not my offence at cheering her up is actually working, and this doesn’t help. Talk about feeding my insecurities.

The last straw came when me and my mother were driving home from our weekly grocery hunt and I looked out of the car window. All I saw were empty bottles and wrappers and even a lost hubcap lying on the roadside. There wasn’t a clear square metre left, and as I was pondering on this the driver of the car in front of us opened his window and threw out an apple core. It missed our car by a hair.

The bottomline is: I get frustrated by people’s disrespect towards me. Disrespect is based on selfishness: you stop thinking about the people around you and thus stop caring about them, too.

The thing with receiving disrespect, is that you probably also give it. In my case, I think I should stop complaining: my mother was too busy driving a car to send a text in time, my friend was probably busy and must have forgotten to send the update, my adopted sister might be too tired to pick up the phone or maybe she is confused by my wicked attempts at cheering her up she doesn’t know what to do.

As for the people who throw their trash out of the car as if it’s nothing: I have no excuse for you. There’s a reason why this behaviour is fined by the police, and that’s because it’s wrong. Stop being so lazy and stop trashing our world (pun!)!

Frustration and disrespect are contagious: one can lead to the other and then the ball just keeps on rolling. Because what you give to the world is what you receive.

There’s only one cure to this diabolical vicious circle and that is to turn it around. Let’s send some respect into this world and see what happens!

(Yes, Trump, that means you, too)

When was the last time you got disrespected? What did you do?


17 thoughts on “Disrespect (aka You Get What You Give)

  1. Complaint box…..stress buster……the only problem here is expectation….. You are just expecting things your way……the best is to stop expecting from certain situations……

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    1. You are right. I was expecting things to go my way and I had forgotten there’s always more than just my way. Thanks for helping me realise :) Sometimes I get caught up in bad thoughts and they get the better of me.

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  2. Many people justify their disrespect with the phrase, “Nothing personal.” That person didn’t throw an apple core out of the car as a personal attack on you, and he or she would probably not understand while that behavior bothers you. They do not see that their careless living–they don’t care about the consequences of what they do–shows even less respect for others than a deliberate attack would show. You are right to be annoyed. J.

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    1. Well, right to be annoyed by the apple throwers, for sure! But I’m just grumpy and unrealistic about the other things. Writing and reading is a good way to reset your perspective :)


            1. I can imagine that. I am slightly relieved I live here, but then again… We’re hitting elections Spring 2017 and we also have a little Trump running… Let’s hope history won’t repeat, at least not so soon D:


  3. Aaargh I cant stand these people who are throwing bad things in nature!!!! Its very disrespectful indeed I HATE it. I can feel you through your words. I should probably feel the same way if people around me were acting like this towards me. But stop overthinking!! Maybe they are busy as what you said. So dont blame yourself or worry yourself too much :) it will be all right!! And otherwise, just stay close to yourself and it will also be all right

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    1. I think I must be a terrible person, for more and more “friends” have started treating me like trash. Redpect is a rich word, one that not many people can afford, apparently.


      1. Well i dont think you are a terrible person. I think you see many things in a different light. And I think people around you understand this different way of thinking and doing. I really like what I read about you and I admire your work and I think I always can relate to your thoughts and feelings. So dont think you must be a terrible person. Only if you are going to think like this, you will become one!! And I think its that time of the year again, people are changing around the winter days. Its getting more cold and people are also getting more “cold” if I can say so. So dont worry :)

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