Sunday Summary

Sunday Summary

(Week 42)

summary“Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten”
– B. F. Skinner –

What did you learn this week? I learned this:

  1. Things you don’t like about yourself need to be let go of

    In my latest Dictionary post I wrote about training myself into showing better behaviour, as I am frustrated with my own persona at times. It got quite a few comments that got me thinking: maybe I don’t necessarily need to train good behaviour, but learn to let go of focusing on my negative actions. Even by training myself to become a better person (or educating myself, as someone very wisely mentioned) I am still putting the focus on the negative. It’s time to let that part go and open the doors for the good stuff.

  2. All good things have bad sides and vice versa

    My three year old nephew J is suddenly way into me, as he lately proclaimed I am the most sweetest aunt Samantha in the whole country (I know I wrote this before, but it was so cute it deserves a second mention). It feels good to be looked up to, especially since I am not that good with kids, so it feels great to be someone’s favourite.
    My bliss ended shortly after we were out with the family and J said he wanted me to accompany him to the bathroom.
    Have I mentioned I’m not good with kids? Words such as “uncomfortable”, “uneducated”, “unfit” come to mind when I picture me and kids, so me taking J to the loo was not a very good idea in my opinion. (In the end my mum helped me out and then suddenly there were three people in one cubicle…).
    A bad thing with a good side, though, would be my everlasting single life. It feels so lonely at times, but at the same time I am grateful I get this much space to develop myself and grow in a way I’m not sure I’d be able to with a partner asking for my attention.

  3. You can’t always put yourself first if you want to be a good person

    I read a story in the newspaper about two guys witnessing a woman driving her bicycle, which held four young children, into the water (click here to see the type of special bike she was on). One of the heroes confessed he had a heart condition and felt his heart rate rapidly increase as he ran over to the accident site and jumped into the water without a second’s thought.
    He could have died, but instead he helped save the lives of four children (plus prevent a bigger trauma for the lady).
    They always say put yourself first, if you don’t take good care of yourself you cannot take care of someone else. That’s true. But if you want to do good to another person, sometimes you have to forget about you.

  4. I could be a success in everything I do online, but I lack the drive

    I’ve always wondered why I never got out of the corner of mediocrity when playing online games and even when blogging. I mean, there’s always people out there with better gear, stronger characters or more followers. I always ask myself what I do wrong, then the answer finally hit me: I don’t have the desire to be the best. I love my followers (I do!) and my heart skips a beat with every person that joins my blog, but I don’t feel the need to have as many as possible, just for that purpose.
    I love sustainability, and knowing I’ve (actively) been here for over two years and am not going anywhere makes me happier than the thought of getting to 1,000 followers as soon as possible. As for online games, I just don’t see the reason to invest real life money into a fake world. Call me cheap (call me Dutch – heh!), but a game is a game. Some things I simply cannot take too seriously, hence my reserved place in the corner of mediocrity. And I am fine here :)

  5. Don’t sit around and wait – spend time on you

    Me and a friend had been trying to call each other for days. It sounds so simple, but every time one of us phoned the other, it was either a bad time or they didn’t answer. When I finally got hold of her, she asked if she could call me back and I said: “Sure, but I’m going to take a shower now.” I thought about waiting for her call in case I’d miss it again, but then I realised this was crazy. You can’t live your life waiting for others. If it’s not a good time for a phone call, it’s not, but the right moment will come along eventually.
    Needless to say, after my shower I saw I had missed her call again. But today we finally got in touch, so all’s well that ends well.

  6. Doing something fun is like tasty food: if it’s good enough to have, it’s even better to share

    I was working on a project this week and the task at hand was so much fun, that when I got feedback from a friend and saw she had added her own ideas to my list of brilliancy, at first I got a bit grumpy. What I usually do in such situations is hide in defence and get mad, but this time I let it linger for a bit. I soon realised that if I like working on this task, she probably likes doing it, too! In the end, it’s not just MY project, it’s OURS. If you both like what you do it doubles the fun. So learn to share! Not just your food, but the good experiences, too.

  7. Let’s see how wise my paper is this week: Don’t search for big words if a small gesture suffices

    best_wishesThis is so true, I don’t really know what to add to this. Words, I love words, don’t we all? But sometimes one simple gesture can mean so much more than 1,000 words ever could.

You know, every week I think it’s going to be a challenge to find seven new points of wisdom, but it’s not. If you want to keep growing, just keep looking around you or search inside and you’ll be amazed at what you’ll find.

Before I wish you all a good week 42, here’s the Earworm Of The Week. I went to cabaret with my sister on Thursday, Herman In Een Bakje Geitenkwark (Herman In A Bowl Of Goat Yogurt-Like-Dairy). They do all kinds of amazing things with their voices, and one of the songs stuck to my brains like gum to a shoe.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find that song on YouTube. However, it seems like this group of men took part in a TV show a few years ago. And as I am still a sucker for Britney, I say: enjoy!

Cheers! And have a good week 42 everyone!


9 thoughts on “Sunday Summary

  1. “They always say put yourself first, if you don’t take good care of yourself you cannot take care of someone else.” Who is this “they” who says such things? Friedrich Nietzsche? Ayn Rand? I do not dispute the value of preserving and improving one’s physical and emotional health, mind you. But beyond that, the life worth living involves service to others and not putting yourself first.
    Aside from that small quibble, I do agree with you all the way! J.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, I secretly meant my old high school science teacherd and people on planes :p If you see people around you fainting (science class), don’t go over to help them, but first open a window and make sure you are okay. If you don’t, you’ll faint too and are unable to help someone else. It’s more the thought if you don’t take care of yourself first, you can’t help the folks around you :p And there has to be a balance, because always putting yourself second is not healthy, either D:

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      1. Yes, people on planes and oxygen masks create a situation where “care for yourself first” actually makes sense. But most of the time I think it is better to forget (or deny) the self and to be a servant.
        I know what you mean by point number four. I know I could use Facebook and Twitter to gather a larger number of followers, but I’m quite content to enjoy meeting people like you who have found me out of the blue rather than aim for a larger number. J.

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  2. Samantha, what you really need is a showerproof phone, then any time would be a good time to talk to people. Incidentally, I enjoyed the video. Because all the build up was in Dutch, I expected the song to be too and so was quite surprised when they started singing in English. They’re talented, no doubt about it. Which singer is Herman and which ones are the goats?

    Liked by 1 person

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