Pet Adventures

Why is it always so that when you take your sick pet to the vet it immediately ceases to show signs of bad health?

And then when you get home, it goes back to being poorly?

Well, whatever the reason, I managed to get medicine for my pet gerbil Jamie, who I suspect has an ear infection (the vet was a bit reluctant to believe this, until I told her Jamie kept falling over to the side of the ear he’s got a wound in – something he refused to demonstrate). Twice a day I need to give him 0.075 millilitres of pet antibiotics.

The real joke? Jamie loves the taste of the meds and didn’t want to unclench his teeth from the plastic syringe… Go figure.

Have a healthy Thursday, you all! And take care of your (furry) loved ones.


11 thoughts on “Pet Adventures

  1. Hahaha thats kinda funny because I remember I had to give my hamster medicines and he also dont want to let go of it. He also loved it!! And I still dont know why he loved it so much haha. Of course its not funny that your cutie pet has to take medicines so I hope jamie will soon be recovered :) have a nice weekend!!

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  2. You have a pet gerbil called Jamie? When I was about 10, I had a pet gerbil called Jerry. Wow! It’s a small world. (Unless you’re a gerbil, of course, in which case, it’s a big, scary world and full of cats.)

    Incidentally, I hate to be the one to mention this, but if Jamie keeps falling over, I think you should check his breath very carefully. I’m afraid he may have been at the gin again.

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