Sunday Summary

Sunday Summary

(Week 40)

summary“Learning never exhausts the mind”
– Leonardo DaVinci –

It’s back to a regular summary this week. Although… are they ever regular? ;)

Here are the seven points of wisdom I obtained this week:

  1. Kindness can become a burden / curse

    Take Tommy, my neighbours’ cat. He’s very cute and all, but pet him twice and he keeps coming back for attention. Give him candy out of compassion once and he never leaves your backyard.
    And Tommy is just a pet. Someone else’s pet, but still. How many people do you know who abuse your kindness? Who keep asking for help but never lend a hand in return?  I lost count, to be honest.
    It’s all very nice, being nice, but sometimes you need to flip your kindness switch off and think of yourself. After all, you’ve got to help yourself. Especially if nobody else seems willing to.

  2. Scorpios have a nasty sting

    Remember the guy who couldn’t speak to me every time he had a girlfriend but kept coming on to me every time he was single? Well, he was at my friend’s wedding, since he is the groom’s best friend.
    Now, if I said he is my least favourite person in the world I would be making an understatement.
    I had successfully dodged him all day, until I went to the bar to get some drinks. As the bartender got to his mixing he showed up and started a chat. At least, he thought he was starting a chat…
    He informed after the bride’s hen party the week before. I said I had fun. He asked (in a very belittling manner, I might add) if I had also cuddled a cow (don’t ask), and suddenly everything happened at the same time: the barman gave me my drinks, I picked them up, laughed a light “I sure did!” at Mr. Least-Favourite-Person-In-The-World, I twirled around in my gorgeous dress and walked straight off.
    I swear I could hear him think: “What the heck just happened?”
    He got the message, though. Don’t ever mess with a Scorpio. We will sting and it will hurt!

  3. If you can switch your mind “off”, you must also be able to switch it “on”. Therefore, mindfulness shouldn’t be a difficult thing

    My parents quibble a lot about highly unimportant matters. I hear it’s an age thing and at this point I am willing to believe that. But for me, it is heinous to get through lunches or dinners with them (sometimes even both) at this point. What I do now is switch of my mind. It’s as if I tell myself I’m not really there. I do the same when I am in any negative situation I don’t want to be in or have to wait in line for a while.
    It got me thinking, though: if it is this easy for me to switch my brains off, it must be equally easy for me to switch them back on, surely? I have to say I have not yet found a motivation as strong as my bickering parents to try this out, but I must start practising it nonetheless.

  4. People assuming you are dumb is both a blessing and a curse

    I get it: I am blonde. Blondes are dumb, therefore I must be stupid. I am not, though. I graduated With Honours and surely I know the difference between weekdays and the weekend (as one of my friends so lovingly explained to me last Thursday).
    The thing is: I am fine with people underestimating me. That’s better than having it the other way around. But treating me as if I am dumb lights an inexplicable rage inside me. I wouldn’t find it strange at all if I’d end up not being friends with the weekdays-and-weekend-person eventually.
    The good thing about being seen as stupid is that you get away with a lot without people noticing. Take Mr. Least-Favourite-Person-In-The-World. At the wedding party I noticed him slowly dancing his way towards me. Without missing a beat or making eye-contact, I managed to make my way over to someone else each time he tried. And he kept trying (until we met at the bar :p), which means he had no clue I was on to him.
    There you have it: when people think you’re dumb it could be both good or bad. (I should really talk to my friend how I’m not stupid).

  5. I am so much more kick-ass than I knew I was!

    This has everything to do with the wedding again. During dinner I got seated far away from my best friend, who was the only person other than the bride I knew really well.
    I am more than uncomfortable around strangers and so I was not having this. Why put other friends together and not me and K? It made no sense to me at all. Luckily for me (and sad for K), K‘s boyfriend was ill and hadn’t been able to come, meaning there was a seat left and I quickly moved over. The old me never would have dared to do that. Then there was the incident at the bar, which still amazes me. I feel guilty for giving someone a bad feeling, but then again, I was not put on this planet to be treated like trash.
    Sticking up for myself is becoming a second nature. And that’s something I am very grateful for. I rock!

  6. Never let someone else do something if you know you can do it better

    My parents have a home-trainer stationed in the living room and when we had my sister’s kids over J really wanted to “sit on the bicycle”. I put him on the seat and held him, but he snatched my ear phones which I keep stored at the information screen of the home trainer. I had forgotten to put them away and as I needed both hands to keep J in position, I asked my dad to put my ear phones somewhere the kids couldn’t reach. Result: my ear phones are now missing.
    I am not joking! He put them somewhere and then forgot. My dad searched two massive cabinets in this exact way: he picked a flash light, waved it a few times at the contents of cabinet one, did the same with cabinet two, then declared the head phones were gone forever. He’s done absolutely nothing to find them, which means going out for a run is becoming more and more of an adventure: first I lose my iPod case (it’s still missing) and now my own father made my ear phones disappear. If his name was Hans Klok I would understand, but it’s not. If only I had put them away myself…

  7. I am so mad at my father for number 6, especially for not caring or trying, I need something good and wise to cheer me up! Here’s this week’s paper-wisdom: Don’t dream about your life, but live your dreams!

    best_wishesMy bank account is slowly drying up, dust clouds are already moving in, and I am scared I’ll be broke in less than a year from now. The Universe keeps telling me to have faith and break the cycle (travel – find a crap job – save up – repeat) by investing in my future, but it’s frightening. It’s well out of my comfort zone: I am deliberate about money, always making sure I got plenty to go by if things go bad, and living like this is not like me.
    But my paper is right: I cannot afford to keep on dreaming about a good life and never try to get there. I must take this next step and trust myself to land right on my feet.

Here’s to this week’s Earworm, and to another failed attempt to keep my summary short! :’)



9 thoughts on “Sunday Summary

  1. Sorry about the missing earphones. You need to be able to think like a Dad to find them. Good for taking care of yourself at the wedding reception. And don’t worry about having a cat expect regular service from you. It’s what cats do. People have the ability to be better than that. J.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I tried thinking like my father, but he’s very special… Let’s put it like that, haha. And people do have the ability to be better, but sadly some never use that skill D:


  2. It is annoying when people do things that we are helpless to undo ourselves (missing headphones, others bickering, etc.)! For me, I think it comes down to honour – others honouring us, or us honouring others; that basis shapes the way we deal with issues, and the way we would like others to deal with us; even honouring ourselves enough to step out of our comfort zone and do something to improve our own lives… more power to you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I value respect/honour a great deal, but it seems there’s not many of us around. Usually what people respect is their own stuff and they don’t bother about others. Thanks for stopping by! :)

      Liked by 1 person

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