Sunday Summary

Sunday Summary

(Week 38)

summary“Much learning does not teach understanding”
– Heraclitus –

It’s actually Sunday! Who knew I still had it in me to post on time ;)

Here’s what I learned this week:

  1. Not everything can be rationally explained

    Remember I wrote about my house being haunted (number five)? A while ago I lost the case I keep my iPod in, and I couldn’t find it. It had to be in the vicinity of my bed, because that’s where I last had it, but I couldn’t find it anywhere.
    This Monday I decided to give it one last try, thinking I’d be able to find the case if I’d break down half my room. I did, but I found nothing. It’s just vanished, completely lost. If anyone has a rational explanation for this situation, please let me know because I am at a full loss here.

  2. Why wild bunnies have white tails

    I never gave this topic a moment’s thought, but it was on TV (where else, right?). Wild bunnies have a white tail so that when they get chased down by an animal of prey they can alarm each other. They often appear in the dusk and the only thing visible then when they hop away is the white fluff of their tales. Basically, if one wild bunny starts to flee, seeing its white tail move quickly away will alarm other bunnies to run for cover, too.
    I bet you didn’t know this, either. Don’t you feel smarter already? ;)

  3. People don’t take you serious when you’re blonde

    A friend of mine, M, is also blonde, and when I saw her last she told me she had her hair dyed in a darker shade because she noticed customers at work weren’t taking her seriously. Even if she’s been there for a really long time and knows everything about the business. M confessed she got so annoyed by people treating her like a fool she coloured her hair into a darker blonde, after which she immediately experienced a shift in how customers treated her: they actually take her words for real, now.
    Imagine that. I might have to dye my hair one day if I want to become a successful counsellor. Yikes!

  4. Sometimes the Universe cannot tell you if things will be okay, because they already are

    I confess: I talk to the Universe. Sometimes I ask for signs to know if something will work out or I ask for “birthday magic” and you know what: the Universe always listens. So when I asked them for a sign to know my life will be okay, and the sign being me finding my vanished-and-strong-point-of-annoyance iPod case, I honestly thought I would. But when I didn’t I got very upset, because I thought maybe my life wouldn’t be okay (as if not finding a missing item could ever be an indicator of your life going to h*ll).
    In the end, I realised that sometimes the Universe cannot give you what you ask for, because it’s already here. I have a roof over my head, I am healthy, I have a kind-of-job lined up and I am going back to school. How can my life not be okay at the moment? Take it as it is.
    Although it would be very nice to find the iPod case back -_-

  5. It’s okay not to always please others

    My friend’s hen party was yesterday and it was a fully booked day: all kinds of activities were lined up and I knew the day would end by going out clubbing. I do not like clubbing. Normally, I would have just joined in to please everyone around me and to not come off as a dull nerd, but I just didn’t feel like it. So I told the people in charge I was going to go home after the final activity. And you know what? Everyone respected that and everyone was happy, me included.
    A similar situation happened today when my mother asked me if I wanted to go out for dinner tonight with her and my dad. Normally I would not even think about it and just join them, but I was still feeling bloated from the hen party’s dinner and I didn’t feel like going out again. So I said no. My mother was a bit surprised, but let me stay home in the end and I feel fine about it. I’m happy I didn’t tag along to please them. It never works out, you know, trying to always make someone else happy.

  6. You are capable of so much more than you give yourself credit for

    Think I am crazy for believing in the Universe? Try this: after I got home really late last night (even without clubbing I saw the clock turn Saturday well into Sunday) and having a few drinks, I got up at a reasonable time this morning and… Went on a run.
    Yea, I know. Totally cuckoo.
    BUT! I ran over 5k today, even if at one point I wanted to quit. So there you go: there’s so much more potential inside of you that you don’t realise is there. Keep pushing yourself and keep amazing yourself!

  7. This week’s paper-wisdom reads as follows (it’s a lot!): I do something that looks easy like it is very difficult, and I do something very difficult and make it seem easy: the first so that confidence won’t make me ignorant and the latter so that discomfiture won’t break my spirit

    best_wishes In a way, this week’s paper is pretty sociological in origin: sociologists are taught to see the ordinary in the extraordinary and vice versa. Never cease to keep learning and growing, always keep an open mind, whatever your endeavour.

This week’s Earworm Of The Week gets all credit from a special pub quiz that was created for the hen do. We had two teams and I was on the one without the bride-to-be. The host of the quiz looked at her and said: “I guessed, taking your age, you used to be a Britney-fan.” To which I excitedly yelled: “She wasn’t, but I was!”

We had to guess which Britney-songs he played the intro of and this was the first one. I heard one tone and knew it directly.

Never in my life did I think my previous Britney-fanhood would ever come in handy, but last night it did: we won the quiz! It was a close call, so I reckon Britney did kind of help us out, haha.



8 thoughts on “Sunday Summary

  1. The missing case caper will resolve itself, it will always be in the last place you look. I am a people pleaser and its a character flaw I have I think. I believe in God (I am not a religious zealot…I am very human) who made the Universe and I will say most of the problems people have is of their own making. Britney is timeless.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, so they say, but I already expanded my search area even though I knew it couldn’t be lying under my wardrobe… It’s just crazy.
      People have a way of making their own problems, yes. Or problems for others :/
      But luckily we have Britney to help make us forget about our problems ;) I know I’s been 18 years since I became a fan but I still have a weak spot for her. Probably just nostalgia overcoming me, lol.


  2. Based on what you said about rabbits, I think you should advise your friend not to dye her hair. The lighter color will obviously be a survival advantage if she is being chased by zombies. Seeing her hair moving quickly into the distance will alert all other blondes in the area to the danger and they can begin to flee too.

    Incidentally, I must ask, when you spoke to that quiz master about Britney, did you flash him the famous Britney smile that you demonstrated for us last week?

    Anyway, good luck with the iPod cover. Wherever it is, it must be somewhere. I daresay it’ll turn up eventually. It always happens with my glasses. I look all over the place and then in the end I find they’re perched on my head. (Which reminds me, have you checked for your iPod cover on top of your head?)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Of course! How come I didn’t think of that myself, me always preparing myself for a zombie apocalypse! I’ll tell her straight away to dye her hair back! Narrow escape there, Bun. Thanks ;)
      I did flash my B-smile every time someone grabbed their camera and I saw it. I think in the case of the quiz master I was so excited I would actually know a few answers, I forgot :( Maybe next time.
      I looked on top of my head, behind my ears, even in all my shoes, but still nothing :( It’s simple lost. Maybe it’ll end up on the side of a milk carton one day, who knows.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m glad to hear that you’re going to talk to your friend about her hair. You can’t be too careful. As for the iPod holder, that is mysterious. Your idea about the side of a milk carton is a good one, though. I hope it turns up at some point. :)

        Liked by 1 person

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