Sunday Summary

Sunday Summary

(Week 37)

“You never stop learning. If you have a teacher, you never stop being a student”
– Elisabeth Rohm –

Maybe I should stop calling these posts Sunday Summaries, seeing as I never make the deadline… Anyway, busy weekend (as usual), but did learn new stuff (as usual).

Here are my seven points of increased wisdom from the past week:

  1. My intuition is usually spot-on

    A friend of mine started dating this guy. I met him once and I thought he was nice, maybe a little too nice, but I couldn’t really put my finger on it. Don’t get me wrong: I have trust issues and I am well aware of this personal malfunction of mine, but something in his kindness made the hairs in my neck stand bolt upright. I figured this wasn’t a good sign, but then again, he seemed to make my friend happy so who was I to judge?
    After a good few weeks my friend’s happy stories turned into upset rants about how he wasn’t returning her texts and calls. I figured two things: 1) He had probably only been that nice to get her into his bed (which didn’t work), and 2) There was something very, very fishy about his sad stories of how he didn’t have any money and his ex was a b*tch and blah blah. Of course I told my friend about my concerns, but she didn’t want to believe me so I just sat and waited.
    Today she called me and confessed someone who knows her flirt personally warned her he’s only after sex and has a drug problem. For me, all pieces fell together.

  2. The secret behind “the Britney smile”

    Eighteen years. That’s how long I’ve been trying to pull off something that resembles Britney Spears’ famous smile. I think I got it now, at least I look somewhat happy and normal every time I use this trick: touch your upper front teeth with your tongue, unfold the corners of your mouth but don’t overstretch them, and finally, choose if you want to keep your teeth together or make sure they don’t touch by subtly moving your lower jar a millimetre down. Remove your tongue from your teeth if pleased (but you’ll look fine even if you keep it there). Result:

    (I found Britney’s picture on:–1ZLQPcet–/c_scale,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/hvddihglq5yuwgdkxsdq.jpg)

    Okay so my teeth aren’t as fake-white and I am most definitely NOT the Queen of Selfies, but still. Not bad, ey?

  3. When I feel uncomfortable around (new) people, my voice drops

    This is so weird, but I do it automatically. I only started noticing it because if you try speaking with a lower voice for a longer period of time, you’ll find some words are harder to pronounce. And when I kept struggling getting my words out to my client, I asked myself what was wrong and concluded I was not feeling myself that day. Ergo: my voice drops a beat and I sound funny.
    When I was out meeting a potential new client last week, the same thing happened. When I’m at a party and don’t know anyone, the same thing happens! When I’m at a pub quiz, having to meet new people because my friend filled our team, the same thing happens!!
    My voice is something to watch out for. That and my intuition, although you’ll never hear that last one coming ;)

  4. My new low-carb diet works!

    Recently, I put on some weight. Nothing too worrisome, but it wouldn’t come off. I tried everything: yoga, meditation, exercising more and more, and even eating less snacks than I do already, but nothing seemed to work.
    My doctor told me the extra weight was concentrating itself around my belly, probably because of a high level of cortisol. This stress hormone often lingers around your bellybutton area and the extra fat it helps produce is tough to get rid off. So I tried cutting back on my carbohydrate intake, as I was advised to try, and I lost one and a half kilos in one week! Without extra exercises or work outs!
    And not only did I lose two kilos in total already (leaving me one kilo away from where I was before I started putting stress weight on), I also feel strangely lighter now I am consciously eating less sugar (for one). I feel like I am no longer polluting my own body, if that makes sense to anyone. I feel happier, lighter (also in my head), and more active. If you’re struggling with stress-weight too, I really suggest cutting back on carbs!

  5. Sometimes what you want is not what’s best for you

    I really want to move abroad, but I’ve come to think maybe now is not the best time for that. If what I really want to do in life is help people, maybe the first step to take is not to go away, but to go back. Back to school, in this case. I am currently researching different counselling courses (the British spelling requires two l’s. I know it looks odd, but hey, once you pick a spelling, stick to it!) while trying to find a job to help me support my future student expenses. I still want to move abroad, but I have no clue what country I’d want to move to anyway. I do know for a fact I want to become a coach, someone who’s certified to help people. And if that means I have to live with my parents for another year, then (*SIGH*) so be it. It’s not ideal, but it will help me get to where I want to be, eventually.

  6. There are over seven hundred species of spiders in the Netherlands and Belgium, but none of them are toxic. Or smart

    In this Summary I write about how I can do magic: whenever I wash my car (or any window of any house on the outside), it will start to rain afterwards. This happened again last Saturday, but that’s not the point. The point is that when I was cleaning my car’s door on the driver’s side, I noticed a spider had built a web from the mirror to the base of the car’s side window. Very annoying, but when I clean my car I clean it GOOD, so I removed the web.
    Next day I had to drive to my friend and I noticed the spider had rebuilt her house, as there was a new web in the exact same spot as the one I had removed the day before. I removed it again, but when I was ready to go home, the web was back.
    This morning, when I went for a run and passed my car, the web was back again.
    It’s always in the same place, it’s the same size, and I suspect the spider hides behind the mirror where I can’t catch it. I am just as relentless as her, though. My car is STILL clean and sparkly (hah, take that, stupid rain!) and I refuse to have it webbed up by a tiny yet useful animal.
    Useful, yes. Smart, not so much. Spider, it’s time to move on.

  7. Haha, this week’s paper-wisdom is funny: Your whole life is written on your face and you are proud of it!

    Why is this funny? Because last time I went to the liquor store to buy my parents a gift I had to identify myself. So I guess my life has either not taken off yet or my face is not showing all the signs of everything I’ve experienced. Or maybe I just have a realllllly good night cream ;) Either way, I’m fine with it. I do like what my paper says, for whenever I see an older person with lots of wrinkles I can’t help but think how beautiful their faces are and what they must have seen and done in their lives.

That’s it for this week’s Summary!

The Earworm Of The Week is for my friend and her bad experiences with men. And for everyone else out there who’s got bad people in their lives, because you deserve better, and don’t you ever forget it!

(The official video is very long and it takes about three minutes before the song starts, so I decided to go with this one instead. If you want to see the original clip, go here)

5 thoughts on “Sunday Summary

  1. That’s interesting that you’re voice drops around strangers. I’ve heard that for many people, their voice becomes higher because their throat tightens. I’m not sure, but I think I’m probably someone whose voice gets higher, in which case, we should swap voices during times of distress. (I wonder if it’s possible to do this via the Internet these days.)

    I tried practicing the Britney Smile, but it just gave me a pained look, as though I’d dropped something heavy on my toe but was trying to hide it. I think it looks better on you than it does on me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bun, maybe we should start up a singing duo, specialised in weird singing around strangers. I can do the low tones and you can hit the high notes and then we’ll take it from there!

      And it took me 18 years to get something that slightly resembles a Britney-smile onto my face, don’t beat yourself up after failing once or twice. You’ve got eighteen more years to go, you’ll be fine!

      Liked by 1 person

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