To Progress (aka Combining Different Pieces Of Knowledge To Create Something New)

[Verb; ~ Pronunciation: /to/ /proh-gres/]

  • Definition: Combining bits of old information to create something new. In effect, it means putting different things you learned into practice as a whole, but not in the manner you were taught. For example: using three different kinds of recipes to bake one new pie.
to_progress“Without a struggle, there can be no progress”
– Frederick Douglass –

(Yes, that is a panda apron. My mum made it for me :3)

Knowledge is one thing, but if you never put what you learned to practice, it is just that: knowledge. And it will whither eventually.

If you want to keep progressing in life you need to put whatever you learned to the test, and mix bits and pieces of different aspects of your wisdom together to come up with something new.

A perfect yet simple example of this is my pear crumble. I used three different recipes to make one new pie (which turned out delicious, by the way). One recipe was for the dough, one was for making sure the bottom of the crumble wouldn’t become too moist by pear juice, and one was for the preparation of the pears and the crumble itself.

I know I look overly excited in the photo, and that’s because I am. I am posing in my panda apron, next to Donny the pear tree, showing off my new creation. I’m almost feeling sorry for you, because not only is it impossible for you to taste the crumble, I’d have loved to share with you its smell, which was (and is) downright divine. It smells like autumn and it tastes even better.

Even if my pear crumble is just a simple (and tasty) example of progression, it’s not far off from a deeper meaning: how you progress through your own life. You can either choose to follow the path laid out in front of you by others, and if that is what you want then that’s okay.
Or you can choose to create your own path, by mixing and matching your life experiences and gained knowledge (by which I mean essential life knowledge, not how to distract a shark with an empty water bottle – although, of course, if you have one on you while swimming with sharks it might actually be vital information).

I recently met up with a good friend and as we were chatting about our lives, how we were doing and what our future plans are, we discovered we have a major common interest: we both want to take the same course in Coaching/Counselling.

I’ve learned from my life that sometimes it takes a bit longer to figure out what you want, but that’s okay. I learned I really want to help people and this course in counselling is just right as the next step. I learned true friendship is invaluable and that if you talk about your plans with friends, they might give you handy advice or even join you on your quest, which is even better.

I learned that if you listen to the Universe and try to see the signs, you’ll find your way. And whether it was paved by others or has yet to be mapped out doesn’t matter.

Because just like my pear pie, trying out different directions can give you a surprisingly fantastic outcome.


21 thoughts on “To Progress (aka Combining Different Pieces Of Knowledge To Create Something New)

    1. No ice cream. More frustration: one of the ingredients is a bit of typical Dutch spice cake (not to be confused with space cake). They only sell it here. Turns out my sad country is good for something after all! :)
      I haven’t decided on which course yet (there are so many!), but the plan is to start in January. Going back to class is so cool! How are yours going?


      1. Mine are exploding. It’s pretty exhausting to go from a worker bee to a student and from a guy that was hanging out for a month to a guy that is constantly doing homework. It has also taken time from my favorite thing, blogging and that is barely acceptable.

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