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Samantha’s Head

A Short Status Update

For a while now I’ve been fighting exhaustion, but instead of getting better it actually got worse. It’s like I live inside my head, but I cannot take on all these worries and (potential) problems, frustrations, and anxieties. I keep trying to please others and am just loading more and more pressure onto my own shoulders.

I mean, I do have pretty awesome shoulders, but still. Too much weight.

I’ve seen a doctor, she’s taken some blood and given me a prescription for melatonin, hoping it’ll help me fall asleep (you’d think that would be easy if you’re as tired as me, but nooo!).

Anyway, I am not myself. It feels so awful having to say this out loud, admitting you’re not fine, but it’s also liberating. This is the first step in becoming healthy and happy again :)

And, as a good friend of mine said it: “You need to stop making decisions that are, firstly, good for others and start making decisions that are good for you!”

I hope you’ll all have a happy week, with not too many worries, and a lot of good moments with great friends like the one who woke me up :)


20 thoughts on “Samantha’s Head

  1. Exhaustion and insomnia–not a happy combination. I hope the melatonin does some good (give it a try for several nights; don’t give up after one or two) or that the doctor finds something else helpful. But most of all, I hope that from this moment on the rest of your week is relaxing and happy. J.

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    1. The melatonin seems to work, although I often wake up having to run to the bathroom in the middle of the night… maybe it works a bit too much, say, on my bladder too :p But yes, well. I had another talk with my doctor and my bloodwork is fine, it’s all in my head. Which also is kind of a relief; at least my body isn’t disintegrating like I thought it was :’)


  2. Don’t worry Samantha! You will be just fine. Theoretically, there is no secret potion to sleeping or others. And omg, I love how you look at the positive side of this :) stay strong and get well soon

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    1. Thank you, Candice. I used to be focused on the negative only, but I’ve been slowly turning around. I know I’ll be fine, I just need to get some stuff in order :)


  3. Ah, the agony of insomnia producing insomnia! Dealt with it for many years. Up for a suggestion?

    I deal with this quite a bit with patients. Not sure where you are located in the world, but check and see if you can purchase a couple of things. An herbal tincture called “Milky Oats” – some producers just call it Oats. Also get a chamomile tincture. The Milky Oats is an insomnia “buster”. It helps balance all the things that have become imbalanced – for example, too much mental chatter at night. It takes several weeks to really notice the difference but it always works. The chamomile really helps make us sleepy. That works immediately. Two drops UNDER YOUR TONGUE of the Milky Oats and rub 3 drops of the chamomile on RUBBED ON THE INSIDE OF YOUR WRIST.

    Give it a try . . . you may be amazed. There is lots of healing info on my website


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