Weather Swings (aka When Lost For Inspiration, Talk About The Weather)

[Noun; ~Pronunciation: /weth-er/ /swing s/]

  • Definition: Having no concrete idea what to write about, not even after a good few brainstorm sessions while sunbathing, and therefore coming up with the most widely bespoken topic of all time (or would that be love? Nah!): the weather.
weather_swings“Everyone complains about the weather, but nobody ever seems to do anything about it”
– Willard Scott –

The weather seems as unpredictable as my mood these days. As I lay lulling in the sun I tried to think of a topic to write about. My grandparents came to mind, but none of my ideas seemed sufficient to reflect their awesomeness, so something else had to happen.

I flipped myself over to think some more, while simultaneously trying to get a tanned belly (which didn’t work out), and found myself wondering how it was possible I was sunbathing today while the weather had been nothing but dreadful the days before now.

I figured the weather must have mood swings, too.

For days on end we’ve had rain, storms, and more rain. I was just about to give up on Summer this year, when my parents packed their bags and went on holiday to Croatia, leaving me in charge of the house. As if by magic, the sun appeared and the weather girl announced a true heat wave coming up!

Imagine that, a heat wave in the Netherlands! This means for at least three days on end, I’ll be able to lull in the sun while trying to get a bit of a tan. Whoop whoop!

My second sunny thought today was how I’ve changed so much as a person and how this is reflected in the way I sunbathe: if I used to throw myself into the sun and not come out until my skin had at least passed three different stages of red (soft red –  tomato – crimson), I had now taken the trouble of oiling up first and setting a timer. No more than twenty minutes on each side. Result: I feel good on the out- and inside and managed to not get a sun burn this time.

In fact, I managed not to change colour at all… Hm.

The truth is, I didn’t know what to blog about today. Not even one silly, mentionable thought popped into my head. Nothing worth posting about. Until I asked myself: what do you talk about when you’ve got nothing to say but have to make small talk?

Which, obviously, is the weather. But this isn’t nothing, it’s not just small talk (or small post for that matter). It’s like I am part of the weather: sometimes I feel good, sometimes I don’t. But whatever it is, it always comes around and goes away again. So it’s better to enjoy our happy moments for as long as we can, because you cannot be 100% certain as to when the rain comes to take over.

My current happy moments are being extra illuminated by the sun. It’s not often I get to experience a heat wave! So I am bloody well going to enjoy every lasting minute of it!

At least for the next two days, because who knows what kind of weather swings will happen after that.

Well, that would be the weather girl, probably.


8 thoughts on “Weather Swings (aka When Lost For Inspiration, Talk About The Weather)

      1. Samantha, I saw several versions of “carnavalskraker”, but none of them lived up to “Helikopter”, which I am still expecting to be a big USA hit, especially with my blog viewers spreading the word :)

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  1. here’s to moods!! hahaha Whenever I think about the quote you have shared and nature, I end up worrying about what kinda Earth it will be in 10 years? The speed with which trees are going and new ones aren’t planted, makes me feel sick and sad. :(

    I hope your mood is good now and by the way sun tan? Come to India, plenty of sun, you’ll definitely get tan all over! haha

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    1. Yes, us humans have a record for destroying nature :(
      We’re also known to produce extraordinary individuals who combine their skills and do the most amazing things to right the wrongs.
      My mood is okay, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and meditating the last few days, which helps put things in perspective. India is definitely on my list, but I’m afraid it won’t be for a while before I’ve saved enough to go there. And so many other places to visit, too :( The world is too big, sometimes, hahaha!

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      1. haha yea sometimes the world seems so big. I don’t know if making it to every country and actually getting to know is possible. >.< I calculated and I found that it can't happen unless I started out as a traveler by birth.. lol not even sure after that!

        whenever you make it here, if I am here too, I will show you my place for sure :)

        Your optimism is great.. perhaps that's why I am quite addicted to your site.. Love your work dear. Keep it up :)

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        1. Thank you Hemangini. I’m afraid my optimism is slowly depleting, though, for I have not been feeling very upbeat lately. But I’ll be fine in the end. One thing I know about me is I’ll always be fine in the end :)

          And be sure if I ever do visit India I’ll definitely let you know :)

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          1. I think I get what you say… In the end you’ll always be fine.. No matter what you have the power to bounce back and when you do, you rock the world!

            I hope you will have a wonderful weekend…
            Have fun darling.
            see you


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