Sunday Summary

Sunday Summary

(Week 33)


“Wisdom begins in wonder”
– Socrates –

The week has ended and all I can say to that is: thank goodness! The days seemed to hop  from bummer to bummer and even if nothing big went wrong, I still did not like the taste week 33 left in my mouth: like bland salmon.

Having said that, there’s always positive things happening as well, and I managed to pick up some more wisdom along the way. Here’s this week’s summary:

  1. There is gerbil music
    Actually, there are different playlist for all kinds of pets, ranging from gerbils and hamsters to rats, ferrets and bunnies (and even if I didn’t check, I am pretty sure there’s dog-music, too). Apparently, the music is soothing and calming to the ears of your dearest furry ones, but I tried it on Jamie and Loki and they weren’t impressed. A friend (who is a singer) suggested making them listen to one of her songs, but that also left them quite stoic. I then tried to serenade them myself, which resulted in Jamie tapping his back legs in fear and Loki making a run for a hiding place.
    They just don’t appreciate the things I do for them :(

  2. Always trust your instincts! (In other words: CHECK THAT RUG!)
    Me and some friends went to an escape room last Sunday and it was hilarious! Unfortunately, we didn’t make it out in time and afterwards someone showed us the steps we missed. It turned out we had only overlooked a few clues and hadn’t done that bad, actually, but what bothered me the most (and what I still dream about) was the big, rectangle rug in the middle of the escape room. Before we had entered the room we had been advised to look up, under, over, and in everything to find clues (but we were told not to rip the wallpaper off or damage the ceiling – apparently people do that!). I kept finding myself staring at the rug and thinking: maybe there’s something under it, but then going nahhhh immediately after.
    If ONLY I had rolled it up! There was a massive clue hidden there which we didn’t find, because I was too scared of looking stupid and paranoid lifting the darn thing.
    So the biggest lesson of the week is: always check the rug!
  3. People like me
    If anyone had told my teenage self I’d one day have many friends all over the country, I wouldn’t have believed them. But last week was a busy one, where I had three meets planned, one with my sister and two with friends, who live all over the place. Despite me not being a hero in my car, all alone and dependent on a lousy outdated GPS, it felt good being asked to come over for dinner, a movie or an ice-cream. Maybe I can’t find a decent job, at least I managed to find me some decent friends.
  4. Sint-Juttemis DOES exist!
    There is no apparent English translation for Sint-Jutttemis itself, but it’s part of a Dutch expression, “wachten ot Sint-Juttemis”, which means as much as “waiting until pigs can fly”. Basically, it comes down to awaiting something that will never happen.
    But as I was listening to the radio last Wednesday, the DJ explained that the 17th of August IS the day of Sint-Juttemis! Apparently it is the name day of the biblical heroin Judith, of which Juttemis would be a Dutch nick name. What do you know, Sint-Juttemis actually exist. Who knows what’s real and unreal any more, maybe pigs do actually fly!
  5. People have low expectations of me, but that’s their problem
    I was sitting at my best friend’s house yesterday, having dinner with her and her mother, when afterwards we started a chat about finding a job. Which is probably my least favourite subject in the world right now, but I didn’t want to be rude so I talked along. My friend’s mother asked me what I was waiting for and I explained I do not want to fall back into a crap job, save money, go on a huge trip, come back and repeat the process. I’ve done that too many times and I want out of that vicious circle and on to a new foreign adventure. She looked at me, slowly shook her head and said: “it’s never going to work out, finding a job overseas. Never.” I felt disappointed, sad, and slightly piqued. But I also felt this overwhelming determination to prove her wrong. Her and everyone else. I don’t care what people think of me, I am writing my own story here. I don’t care if they think I’ll forever be alone, or stay at home, or be jobless or stay Dutch. That’s their problem, for I know better than that.
  6. There can be more than one solution to a problem
    Sometimes I feel so stupid, like today. There were two people out for a walk in our street: a young woman was pushing someone in a wheelchair while simultaneously walking her little dog. All of a sudden (and I mean: all of a sudden) the skies turned black, a flash of light shot down from the clouds and I heard thunder roar above our house. Rain started to pour down as if the Universe had been storing it up for a while in order to drown the planet or at the very least my silly town.
    I looked at the two, saw the lady covering her friend with her body, rubbing his bare legs to try and keep him warm, while they took shelter under the tree in front of our house. I was in doubt: go out and drag them in to wait till the storm was over or not? My parents were at home, packing their suitcases for their holiday, and my dad doesn’t like strangers, not even innocent-looking, drowning wet people in wheelchairs. And before I could make up my mind (which was leaning towards inviting them in), my dad came crashing down the stairs, shouting: “don’t let them in! Step away from the window, they might see you!”
    Shortly after, he was followed by my mother. She took a few looks outside while my father repeated himself loudly, then said: “I am going to give them an umbrella, I don’t care, this is so sad it breaks my heart.”
    I only thought: “why didn’t I think of that?” The only thing I could come up with was inviting them inside and my dad disinheriting me on the spot. I felt so guilty, because I wanted to help but knew my dad wouldn’t. Then my mom made it all okay by thinking further and finding a compromise.
  7. This week’s paper-wisdom is cute, as my search for the true me seems infinite: I know that if I search for the perfect human being, I desire the impossible.
    best_wishesAin’t that the truth! I know perfection is unattainable; we all have our shortcomings. But sometimes I forget and I ask so much of myself, it’s good to be reminded that in the end I am just another human being. Flaws included.

If I was a director I’d now go: “it’s a wrap!”, but not before introducing you to this week’s Earworm (don’t worry, it’s not gerbil music):

I cannot get this song out of my head, especially the intro! There’s only one cure, you know, which is to sing another song out loud.

It’s just that my gerbils don’t really like me doing that… :(

Cheers and have a good week 34 everyone!


14 thoughts on “Sunday Summary

        1. I’m not sure I phrased that as well as I had intended, but it seems you got my drift, which was: “Anyone who knows you, knows you are extraordinary.” And if they don’t recognize that, tell them you were told that by a subject matter expert, after all, I did write a book on being extraordinary.

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  1. I get that little fire under me as well, when people underestimate me. I LOVE proving people wrong. :) Its kind of sad but I think that woman was probably talking more about herself and her own dreams then she was talking about you. I wish her and you both well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think she doesn’t want me to pursue and leave my friend behind, as she doesn’t have a lot of friends and we’re very close. But even so, you have to write your own story.
      Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a good week :)

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