Sunday Summary

Sunday Summary

(Week 30)

summary“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning”
– Albert Einstein –

Another week has gone by, and with it new knowledge was gathered:

  1. Always return your ID card to the office you got it from, do not destroy it yourself.
    I went to the town hall to get my driver’s licence prolonged and as she was checking my information on her computer the desk clerk mentioned my European ID Card. I used to have one up until five years ago, when I needed to get a passport to travel to China instead. I told her I had skilfully gotten rid of it, to which she replied I had broken the law by doing so. She was kind enough to tell her system I had handed it in (like, five years late? Yes, that doesn’t sound dubious at all…) and proceeded to explain to me that the document itself always stays property of the Dutch government and that I was to hand in any old documents when they expired. Whoops! Well, at least she made me a little wiser.
  2. Negativity and positivity work in spirals.
    Once you start letting negative thoughts in, what will follow are more negative thoughts until your brain is completely and utterly occupied by nothing but sadness and sorrow. However, positivity works the same: fill your mind with positive images and focus on the good, and more of that will come flowing into your head.
    It’s okay to have a bad day once in a while. Don’t forget you are just human and there’s only so much crap any of us can take. But don’t let the negativity conquer your positive mindset. Keep going strong and fill your mind with positive ideas. You’ll be back on your happy feet in no time!
  3. Use your arms while doing crab dips.
    This one’s an oldie, actually, but still. During my one lesson of Body Combat, the teacher instructed us to do crab dips. After performing a zillion of what I thought were splendid crab dips, the teacher came over and told me to “really PUSH your hands into the floor, work those arm muscles!!” (she was a very exited and dedicated instructor… to put it subtly). So there you have it: when doing crab dips, focus on pushing your body into position by using your arms, instead of just pushing your butt upwards.
  4. The best excuse is the truth.
    I got invited to visit a local carnival by K and N, but I had already promised to go with someone else. I had totally forgotten it’s kind of a tradition for me, K and N to go together. I was pondering on what to tell them in order to kindly decline, when I realised there’s no use for a lie. I am not fond of carnivals and did not feel happy by the thought of having to go twice, so I told them that and that I had already promised someone else to tag along.
    I think K and N were okay with it, but they stopped mentioning it so I am not sure. Then again: maybe I’ve let them down, but nothing is as bad as lying. At least my conscience is clear :)
  5. Sometimes the only thing you need to do to snap out of negativity it to stop trying to.
    Remember my off-day? Well, secretly that turned into an off-week. Actually two off-weeks. I kept pressuring myself to snap out of it, but in hindsight that only made it worse. So when I woke up all grumpy and spiteful again on Friday, I was ready to give up. I told myself to take all the time I needed to get out of the negativity spiral I was in, and work from there.
    I won’t say it happened immediately after, but by the time the day had ended I was feeling a lot better. And when Saturday started I woke up feeling less dreadful than I had on the thirteen mornings before.
    It’s a lesson I keep learning in different aspects of life, but letting go of things (in this case trying to force myself to feel better) really works!
  6. I am an animal and child magnet.
    I had a birthday to attend on Saturday and the birthday girl owns a dog. A cute little white furry goof-ball I have come to bond with over time. In fact, my friend told me she knew it was me ringing her door bell as her dog, Binky, instantly started to jump around and bark in excitement.
    Imagine that, the only guy getting exited to see me is a dog ;)
    Later on, though, my friend’s sister came over too and she had her dog and two young children with her. The dog took one look at me, I gave it one affectionate stroke on its head, and she jumped onto my lap. Binky took notice and got a bit jealous, so before I knew it I had one fuzzball on my lap and one lying next to me on the lounge set, both wanting attention!
    This process wickedly repeated itself later with the sister’s kids, as one of them cuddled up beside me as we played a game on his dad’s phone, and his sister got curious and climbed on my lap to have a better view of what was happening.
    I only briefly saw these children once before, so I was caught a bit off guard when the boy snuggled up to me and the girl, before they left, came running around to give me a goodbye kiss.
    I know this might say more about the children than me, but it always happens everywhere: kids notice me and they instantly like me. It’s like they smell me being uncomfortable around them or something. Hm-hmm.
    Today I visited my eldest sister who recently bought two guinea pigs for her daughter. As I took a dive into their cage and started to pet them, they instantly perked their tiny ears and produced happy guinea-pig sounds, even though my sister said they are very shy.
    Of course, that was before my niece and nephew came to drag me outside to play…
  7. What does my paper say this week? You realise that by experiencing pain and sadness you are able to help other people, maybe even save some, who may be going through the same negative experiences.
    best_wishesThis isn’t scary or anything, really… This is only what I always thought I was put on this planet to do. And I am seriously not at all lost as to what direction to move into right now, career- and living-wise, or anything…
    I think I need a drink. And maybe a pin or some tape so I can put this some place where I’ll see and read it everyday, to remind me of my goals in life.
    Sheesh! Talk about the Universe giving you a sign…

The Earworm Of The Week shall never be renamed Earwig Of The Week, even if I’ve just found the correct English word for it. Get over it, rest in the fact that I taught you a Dunglish word: the Dutch version of a proper English term.

Someone once told me he assumed all the songs I put on here after my summaries are my personal favourites. Do not be fooled: they are always songs that actually have been popping into my head multiple times throughout the week, if not ones that infested my brains for days. Mostly it’s music I like, but sometimes it’s not, in which case you can view The Earworm Of The Week as a mere bear ye one another’s burdens kind of thing.

Having said all that, I hope you’ll (eventually) forgive me for the next song.



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