Sunday Summary

Tuesday’s Making Up For A Missed Sunday Summary (Again)

(Week 29)

summary“Genius is rarely able to give any account of its own processes”
– George Henry Lewes –

Again, I missed my Sunday deadline. I am starting to think that maybe I should make more use of the publishing options WordPress offers and write my summaries in advance when I’ve got a busy Sunday planned.

Although that’s a nice idea for the future, it does not change the present. So, without any further ado, here is last Sunday’s Summary:

  1. It’s a good thing I had my depression early in life. Last weekend I met up with friends and one of them is going through some difficult times (I think he is depressed, as his manner showed an awful lot of similarities with my past one). I feel awful for several reasons, because, first of all, I know exactly how he feels, and secondly, I know I can’t help him.
    My depression almost got the better of me when I was twenty-two, and that’s when I got help for it. It was a long road, but during my treatment I learned so much. Such as being able to self-reflect and put things in perspective. Overcoming my depression was like throwing the doors of my life wide open so personal growth could come rushing in.
    I was in my early twenties when I started to rebuild myself, and I feel like I missed so much of the good sides of life when I was depressed. I can’t imagine having to go through all that in later years, for you’ll be missing even more.
  2. I’m not sure if I’ve ever noted this one down before, but if so I had to learn it again: Don’t ask for someone’s advice if you’re not going to take it. I asked my mother what the best order is to clean your car. Do I do the windows first or its exterior? She came up with a ten minute lecture on where exactly to start and finish and even though I was a little annoyed (a simple “the windows, of course” would have sufficed), I felt like I should do as she told me. If you don’t want to hear about it, don’t ask.
    In case you are curious: windows on the inside (if necessary: dashboard, steering wheel, etcetera), roof, windows on the outside, rest of body, hub caps. Don’t forget to check under the hood while you’re working the outside of your vehicle. And finally: ask your dad to vacuum the seats ;)
  3. There’s an indicator on your dashboard which shows where the opening to your gas tank is. My male readers are probably slapping their foreheads right now, not quite comprehending how blonde someone can be. My female readers are probably going: “No way! Really?”
    Really. I always just memorised which side of my car I put fuel in, so did my mother, but my ex-sports-buddy recently showed me the indicator on her dashboard. Nobody ever told me this, not even my driving instructor. Go figure what an idiot he was (actually, I had three, and none of them ever mentioned this to me – they’re all idiots!).
    Also, for a final laugh: tomorrow I’m going to prolong my driver’s licence, which I’ve had for ten years. Yep. That’s ten years of having lived in the unknown.
  4. I can breathe in through my mouth and nose at the same time. Ha ha, you’re so trying this right now! ;)
    My best friend went diving in Japan and when I asked her if she didn’t find it difficult having to breathe through her mouth, she answered that she’s a natural at breathing through both nose and mouth at the same time. Just like you (probably), I immediately tried for myself and found out that I can do it, too! While making very strange sounds, though. But then again, who’s going to hear that under water, right?
  5. I got my tantrums from my mum. As many of you know I had a very sh*tty week last week. Nothing serious, but sometimes I get a bit depressed-like again, but usually only for a day or two. I think that’s allowed, having an off-day once in a while. What didn’t help was my parents misunderstanding and misinterpreting me, and the weather. Always the weather. It was hot and sticky and humid and not fun or mood-uplifting.
    But after two days I was feeling slightly better, but then my mother got grumpy. I swear I saw so much of myself in the way she behaved, it all came together. I am her when I am upset: passive aggressive, touchy, grumpy, and always giving everyone the silent treatment.
    Well, I suppose it’s good to know which traits you inherited from each parent.
  6. The Bubble-Theory. Another theory of mine! Whoop whoop! Here’s what the Bubble-Theory says: some people live in a bubble and everything inside it is interesting and awesome to them. The moment you come over, you are temporarily in their bubble and thus interesting (and awesome) to them, but when you/they leave, you exit their bubble and they instantly lose interest in you.
    This happens to everything that enters and leaves their bubble, think of work, co-workers, friends, even shared memories. Everything in their bubble is handled with genuine interest, but everything that’s not in their bubble by default is eventually affected by disinterest.
    Bubble-People do not do this on purpose; it’s simply who they are. I realised after my aunt came over that I might be on to something here. She’s possibly the Bubble-Queen.
  7. Paper wisdom time! I do not waste my precious time by worrying about things I cannot change. I rather pour myself a glass of good wine, have a nice warm bath or read a good book.
    Is there anything else to say to this but: Amen!? Thought not.
    Although easier said than done, my paper (as always) is spot-on and 100% right. Stop wasting your energy, time and emotions on stuff that you cannot control. Have some wine instead or eat some chocolate or watch a movie. Go catch a Pokémon if that’s your thing. Find a distraction in something you love to do over something you dread.

I wish you all a very good, insightful week. Hopefully your knowledge will expand too, as does mine with each summary I type.

As closure to this post, here is the song I can’t get out of my head each time I think of a Bubble-Person (they come in groups, you know. I bet they’re secretly trying to take over the world! D:). Bubble-People are like Pokémon and Pokémon Trainers: once you spot one, you see them everywhere!

Be safe and be wise!


9 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Making Up For A Missed Sunday Summary (Again)

  1. 2. I absolutely never ask for advice because it rarely helps. So I’ve taken that advice, but only because you offered it and not because I asked for it.
    4. You were so right. As soon as you said it, I tried to breathe through my mouth and nose at the same time. You got me.

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      1. I would make a snorting sound, but that makes my throat hurt and I like to leave that sound to pigs who seem to have perfected the sound, so I don’t want to take to much away from them…except bacon.

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  2. Don’t ask for someone’s advice if you’re not going to take it.

    ¿Are you saying, that when you ask someone for their advice, you loose all responsibility for the decision?

    ¿What is you ask several people for advice on a topic, and they offer contradictory advice–then what does one do?

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  3. I’m glad you worked through your depression when you were younger and made it to the other side. I’m trying to help a friend through chronic depression, and I’m also trying to avoid toppling back into the pit of despair. It’s no fun at all. J.

    Liked by 1 person

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