Status Update


Everyone’s allowed an off-day every once in a while, surely? Say, twice a year? 

I am taking mine today. I am so done with people not listening to me, disrespecting me, bumming me out, telling me how to live my life, and downright insulting me, I need a break.

So I’m going to switch off the world for today. 

Goodbye. See y’all tomorrow.


10 thoughts on “Off-Day

    1. I try to keep at least one day empty of plans, but every so often I get so grumpy I don’t feel like doing anything but lie in bed and watch movies, sitting my bad mood out :p

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    1. Well, this was a little bit more than just a normal off-day. There’s a difference in feeling down and in not caring about life at all. For the latter, twice a year is enough for me.


      1. Ol-lal-la; Not caring about life and feeling soo much down is really not good to have it once and certainly not twice a year. When such blues come over you please go out in the green pastures and look at the sky and bright colours around you. See all those lovely things nature provide, and though man is only just like a grain of sand on the beach, there are those who shall still find you worth it to have you around them.

        We all fall and all will have ot encounter our bad days, even very black days, but always try to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Be sure… it is there…

        Good luck and keep your eyes open … and smile.

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        1. Thank you :) What helps me is knowing it’ll pass, and music. Doing things I love, talking walks, emptying my mind. And of course, knowing there are people who adore me, despite me feeling low.

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