Sunday Summary

Sunday Summary

(Week 28)

summary“All human knowledge takes the form of interpretation”
– Walter Benjamin –

This week has been extreme. It seems like every time I turn on the radio I hear of yet another terrorist attack and it makes me wonder what’s wrong with the world today. A lot, that’s for sure.

On a brighter side, I did manage to learn seven new things, so before I get to the Earworm Of The Week, which is dedicated to the victims of Nice, let’s get to some positive stuff first.

  1. Body Combat is not my thing. I tried Body Combat, as I described in this post, with a friend who’s totally hooked on the class. After three songs I found myself wondering when it was all going to be over, and I think that was the moment I realised I’m not a combat-kind of girl.
    What I also learned is that, apparently, I am a people-magnet. The class instructor found me in the hallway after all was over and started a chat. My friend (who had also brought her sister along) looked at me and later confessed the teacher’s never said more than two words to her.
    I guess she liked me. Too bad I didn’t like her class :p
  2. A little interest goes a long way. It feels like there is an increase of people I know who only think of themselves. It’s not just me, either, my Body-Combat-friend was complaining about it, too. You cannot live in your own little bubble, not care, and expect people to never stop appreciating you. It doesn’t work like that. You cannot always blame everything that goes wrong on someone or something else, it doesn’t work like that either. You’re going to have to put in some effort to keep whatever kind of relationship you have with the other person healthy.
    Also: disinterest is contagious. So when you find someone losing interest in you, it’s probably because you are doing the same to them. And if you’re losing interest in someone, it’s highly likely it’s because they don’t seem to care much about you any more, either.
  3. Don’t wait too long with making a decision: the opportunity-gap will eventually close. I was browsing the web to find a nice offer for a relaxing day (still need to celebrate my 29th birthday in style – I know, I’m late). Anyway, in the end I had it down to two options: a hot-stone massage with added extras (massages and treatments, you pervert!), or a full body massage and facial. After much consideration which lasted a day or two (or four. Maybe five. Okay eight!), I decided to go for the hot-stone option. But when I clicked on “buy” it was sold out :(
    Morale:  don’t put off making decisions for too long. Eventually you’ll run out of time and the decision will be made for you, which hardly ever has a pleasant outcome.
  4. “Grenade” comes from the French word “pomegranate”, a fruit that has the same shape as a grenade. My mother was watching something like Louisiana Pawn Stars (or something) on TV, and there was a man on trying to sell his rifle/grenade launcher. The item was examined by an expert, who explained the origin of the name “grenade.” I caught myself thinking: “I never knew that.” Whenever I think that, I make myself write the new info down for my summaries. What can I say? I am a strange kind of girl.
  5. Follow your schedule, even if you don’t feel like it. I was to meet some Canada-friends yesterday for a Food Truck Festival in Amsterdam. Someone told me such festivals are free to visit, but the prices of consumptions are absurdly high. Not having a job any more and not living anywhere near Amsterdam, at first I felt like calling in sick. But a little voice inside my head told me to stop whining and go, and I had a blast! We had some good laughs, ate some really nice (overpriced) food, and somehow I’d managed to get my hands on a cheap return ticket for the train, which included a coupon for a free drink! Think that’s good? Wait until I tell you I printed doubles of that coupon and got two drinks for free, seeing as there were two different bars and the waiters didn’t even check or scan my coupon! ;)
    Hey, if you’re going to be lazy, I might as well make it work for me.
  6. When it’s not there, it’s not there. People keep pressuring me about finding a boyfriend, so much so that when I tell them I am meeting some friends at a festival and yes, there are male specimens involved, they get all excited. As if that’s all you need: one of each gender (in my case), and BAM! Instant love.
    Sadly, I am much more complicated than that. If there’s no initial spark, I find it hard to develop feelings for someone. I accepted this of myself, now it’s time for everyone else around me to do so, too. You can push yourself to do things you don’t really wish to do (like, for instance, Body Combat), but not when it comes to love. You should never force yourself to do anything you don’t want to in love.
    So everyone: get over the fact that I am still single. I did, too.
  7. The best thing you can achieve, is to become who you are. Deep huh? Well, it’s not mine, it’s my paper-wisdom of the week ;)
    best_wishesAs usual, it’s pretty accurate. Don’t stray from your believes and try to be true to yourself.
    I think if everyone would be a little bit more like this and a little bit less self-involved, a little less naive maybe, less inclined to do what others tell you to, we’d all be nicer to each other and we’d be fighting a lot less wars.

So far this week’s summary.

In memory of the victims of the attack in Nice this week, and every other (apparent) terrorist attack, here is one of the most beautiful songs I know.

Have a safe week, everyone!

(Just ignore the male part)

7 thoughts on “Sunday Summary

  1. Live life on your own terms. Don’t let people try to define you or what you should be. Women seem to have the pressure of settling down from a history of them having to be settled by a certain age. Be yourself and do what you want, when you want.

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  2. “Sadly, I am much more complicated than that.”
    —I can relate. There are always pressures that we should live up to certain expectations. Most people do. Willingly or unwillingly, they go along. But I find it is hard to compromise on this one: after all, it is me who is going to live my life, day in, day out. There is no way one should yield on this one.

    “The best thing you can achieve, is to become who you are.”
    —A related point. We tend to believe we can determine our fate, because we have free will. But some psychology research points out that free will may not be that free. In fact, subconsciousness may have already worked out much of our choices. See Strangers to Ourselves: Discovering the Adaptive Unconscious.

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    1. 1) Exactly. It annoys me beyond limits when people try to tell me how to live my life. Get off my back and go scrutinize yourself, as if you’re so perfect. Stop making me feel like a loser while still expecting to be respected by me. *sigh*
      2) It’s what my paper said. For me it’s relevant because I keep falling back to “who am I?” and “I need to change myself”, although the latter could also be because my mind sometimes falters due to social pressure and something about feeling not good enough :p

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  3. “because my mind sometimes falters due to social pressure and something about feeling not good enough”
    —This actually covers both of points: it is the social pressure that make us feel inadequate. And if that is case, all the more reason to emigrate? :)

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