Manifestation (aka You Gotta Spot ‘Em All!)

[Adjective; ~Pronunciation: /man-uh-fuh-stey-shuh n/]

  • Definition: Opening your eyes and suddenly realising people all around you are doing more than just texting on their cell phones: they are hunting Pokémon, going all crazy just to “catch them all,” wherever the fake, virtual creatures might manifest themselves.
“The theory of evolution is totally inadequate to explain the origin and manifestation of the inorganic world”
– John Ambrose Fleming –

The first time I saw one was Tuesday night when I was driving to my friend’s house: a young, slender boy, too engrossed by his smart phone to remember to cross the street. I slowed down in case he’d unexpectedly throw himself onto the zebra crossing, but he was snatched up by what I can only assume was a Pokémon, and never even noticed me pass by.

I recently read Ben’s post about Pokémon Go, which I thought was hilarious as always, but I didn’t put too much thought into the Pokémon aspect of it. In my experience, everything that happens in America happens in Europe about half a year later.

But then I recalled a visit to my friend’s new house last Saturday, and her and her boyfriend telling me about this new Pokémon app, and him even showing me how it worked. I was so fascinated, I instantly forgot all about it when I got home (sorry – I guess I never really was a Pokémon fan anyway).

Matters got worse when I opened the paper on Wednesday morning and read a huge article about this new game, and how despite it’s not officially been released in the Netherlands yet, Dutch people have already found a way to get their hands on the app anyway. They are playing it everywhere, day and night, and together with the virtual creatures the first stories of robberies, molestations, and Pokémon-related-traffic-accidents have already manifested themselves.

It’s a brilliant move on Nintendo’s side, I have to admit. There’s 150 Pokémon to catch now, and who knows how many (payable?) expansions are going to hit the market in the future. Plus, instead of playing the game indoors only, Pokémon Go is a great incentive for many to get out and meet new friends (or robbers, apparently). And the target group? Mainly people who played Pokémon on their Game Boys when it first came out.

Brilliancy all over, getting people addicted again, reliving the memory of their childhood (hence the song – which I totally love and have been dying to find an excuse for to use).

The hunters (or are they called “trainers”?) are so conspicuous, it’s easy and fun to spot them. Last night me and my parents were watching TV when all of a sudden we noticed a car driving by really fast. The driver hit the brakes, put his car in reverse and drove back all the way down our street. It stopped near a corner and someone popped out with a smart phone in hand, ready to catch a Pokémon. They hopped back into the car and zoomed off.

This morning, three male teens crossed the corner of our street, totally fascinated by what the screens of their smart phones were showing them. A repeat of this happened a few hours later on the local market.

I say, forget about collecting 150 Pokémon. It’s much more fun to observe the people hunting them! It is! And when you start noticing them, you’ll find them everywhere! They’re hilarious, if you ask me. And a little too easy to make fun of.

Try screaming “I see it! Right there!” when you encounter a group of “trainers.” Hilarious, I tell you! :’)

With the manifestation of virtual Pokémon in the “real world” comes a manifestation of “real trainers”. And from that spawns a new hobby which I like to call  Pokémon watching. Like bird watching, but more fun.

Let the trainers catch ’em all, I am going to spot ’em all.

If you do play the game, please don’t forget you’re not actually in a fantasy world and real life goes on. So does traffic. Be careful!

8 thoughts on “Manifestation (aka You Gotta Spot ‘Em All!)

  1. It’s kind of funny how much it is taking over the world so quickly. I think the brilliant move on their part (which they probably didn’t even think of) was making real live places into Pokestops (places where you get more Pokeballs, etc). Places of business and historical landmarks are becoming places that people stop and those places are getting increased traffic and if you are smart marketer, you totally take advantage of having people there. Like, come in capture a Pokemon and get milk for a low price of $2.99! Or a place can call Nintendo and ask to sponsor a place and get free publicity of all the people coming by the place. Crazy.

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    1. Hahaha. Part of thosr unasked Pokestops here include the First Aid of a hospital, a police station and a church :’)
      “Oh, come in here, catch that Pokemon and spend a night in jail”


      1. The possibilities of shenanigans are unlimited. Churches can get more people to church if they say they have to spend more time in the church in order to catch the Pokemon, the bookstores require the purchase of a book, etc. It’s funny because at the library (which is a Pokemon gym by the way), I saw three motorcycle people stopped in front with their phones and it was just so absurd.

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        1. They’re everywhere! I just got home (it’s night here) and saw a guy out hunting in the dark, all alone, near a creepy park.
          The things they do to get to the Pokemon…


          1. I know right? Last night I actually took a walk to go to a Pokestop and of course two people on Mopeds had to stop there at the same time, so I quickly retreated because it was so awkward. I can’t imagine being at a place that is really popular, like one I read about last night that has 100’s of people every night. Uggh.

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  2. I’ve seen them too, generally working in pairs, on my way from my workplace to the parking garage. They are so intense that it’s eerie to stop and watch them. I will try your suggested scream and see what happens. J.

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