Sunday Summary

Tuesday’s Making Up For A Missed Sunday Summary (Special Edition)

(Week 26)

summary_special“We know what we are, but we know not what we may be”
– William Shakespeare –

Last Sunday I went on a road trip and when I finally got home I was too tired to post my weekly summary. Which is kind of a shame, because it was the first Sunday of the month, meaning my summary was to be a special edition.

But, better late then never, so here it is anyway! My Seven Additional Weird Facts About Me:

  1. I lip sync while running. At first I thought people would notice, stare and possibly laugh at me. While some do, I discovered most people I encounter during my runs are not remotely interested in other living things at all. In fact, they always seem totally engrossed in whatever is popping up on the screens of their cell phones, regardless of what’s happening around them. Fine by me, I’ll just keep on moving my lips along to the music in my ears/head unnoticed.
  2. I count my sips when emptying a glass. Funny thing, I didn’t realise I did this until I had decided to write seven additional weird facts about myself and started paying attention to whatever strange things I do. But when I am thirsty and drink a glass (usually water) and have no intention of putting it down before it’s empty, I count how many sips it takes me to empty it.
    I also count the steps of stairs when I climb them (never when descending… how strange) and when I have nothing else to think about. I guess I just like counting? Maybe there’s a place for me in Sesame Street, as Countess Count. Must ask.
  3. I sniff my books. And my food before eating it. I don’t eat books, don’t worry. But I do love to smell them. Especially the older books have a great smell, a bit dusty, a bit mysterious maybe. I love it!
    As for my food, especially when eating something new, I have to sniff it first. Look at it intensely, sniff it a few times, then take a bite.
    Hey, it’s seven facts to prove I am weird, what did you expect from me? Normal stuff? D:
  4. On the first of January, April, July, and October I switch to a new toothbrush. Maybe that’s not so weird, but how about when I tell you I actually look forward to doing that? Hah, got you there, didn’t I?
    My dentist once told me it’s a good thing to grab a new toothbrush four times a year. That’s every three months, and I am so vigilant I actually make notes to do so in my diary/journal. You can laugh all you want, but at least my teeth are healthy!
  5. When I am happy I do a little dance. This is totally my niece’s fault! She introduced it when eating; she’d have food crammed into her mouth, a piece of whatever she’d be eating stuck in each hand, and she’d rock her body from left to right while eating and smiling simultaneously. It was so darn cute, I started copying her to make her do it more often, and now find myself expressing such behaviour in times of sudden happiness. It’s an automatic, uncontrollable mellow little body shake.
    Although I doubt I look as cute as my niece does when doing so…
  6. I am an animal-magnet. Or maybe I just love all things fluffy and they attract me, not sure. Whatever. As long as it looks cute, has lots of hair, won’t attack me (so forget about geese, wild bears and mosquitoes), and doesn’t mind me running towards it squeaking, I’m in for a petting session. I spent my Sunday at a friend’s house who has just adopted two kittens… Yea, that was a little bit of heaven :)
    In Iceland, we saw some horses by the side of the road and we made a short illegal stop to photograph them. But that wasn’t enough for me, so I lured one towards me and petted its nose (super soft!).
    When at a client’s house, or falling in for a co-worker at a new address, I always loved it when there were pets around. Birds, dogs, cats, guinea pigs: I don’t care. I’ll pet-sit anything, basically (except geese, wild bears and mosquitoes. Oh, and snakes. I find the live food far cuter than the snakes).
  7. I high-five nature. When I’m out on a run and am under trees with overhanging small branches with leaves on, I sort of high five them. I do the same with lost flowers (imagine a green hedgerow and suddenly there’s one tiny flower growing out of it, trying to reach the sun), lost leaves (same idea as the flowers but just leaves poking out from badly trimmed hedges), and over-growing trees or shrubbery. What? It’s not like people actually see me do it, they are far to busy with spotting me lip syncing to a song they don’t hear or checking their cell phones for the thousandth time. They don’t mind at all, and I’ve never heard nature complain, so it’s all good.

That’s my seven additional facts as to why I am weird. If you wonder where the “additional” comes from, check out my About the Girl page and it’ll all make perfect sense ;)

In case this post has left you with a burning feeling in your eyes, here’s a nice song to sing along to:

(Or lip sync to, whichever you prefer.)


8 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Making Up For A Missed Sunday Summary (Special Edition)

  1. About running, I do notice that I barely pay attention to what runners are doing when I drive by them. I figure they want to be left alone anyways, so I try not to distract them.

    I like to sniff anything that is leather. For some reason it is such a cool smell and each kind is a little different.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I always check to see if they go faster than me (when I’m not running myself and I see one). They usually do.
      Leather… that smells nice, too. And freshly baked bread, coffee. Apple turnovers. Pizza!
      Now I’m hungry again :’)


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