Quickest Blog Post Ever

Okay, so it turns out one CAN be too busy to blog… I practically spent the whole day in cars, driving around town, only to end up at my godmother’s place.

Every so once in a while one must try something new, so why not share tonight’s experience with you:

I was at my godmother’s birthday party and her son was watching football/soccer (it’s the European Championships) on TV. I have never seen a match in my life, apart from the 2010 finals Spain vs The Netherlands, and I don’t understand two bits of the game.

But still, I sat through it, and all I can say is: good for you, Iceland! (They played even against Portugal, which is a very football/soccer loving nation). As one of my favourite countries on this planet, you have my very un-soccerfully-soul’s whole blessing to win this competition!!

(Either you, Ireland or Belgium).

Have a good night/day everyone! :)

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