Well, I am back home and am slowly recuperating from an unfriendly jet lag -_-
My trip was amazing, though. Behold THE Canada picture:

Mountains, trees, a lake, a canoe… Just how much more Canadian can it get!? :)

(Much) More to follow! :)

(Although be warned: apparently I am not good at keeping the horizon nice and steady – all my pics look like I was drunk when taking them. Hm-hmm…)


11 thoughts on “Restart

    1. Thanks, Bhanu. I was kind of off the grid for a while, I was having too much fun! But now I am back and I’ve missed writing, so I’ll be busy the next few days :)


  1. hahaha well drunk pictures are still pictures and the drunk might have enjoyed it more then the sober ones. :p haha kidding! the scenery is so beautiful, I almost wish I could walk through the mirror and end up there. lol

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    1. I just can’t get horizons right, for some reason… And I wasn’t actually drunk (I never am), but most of my pics look like they were made by a drunk person, haha!
      Canada is a very beautiful country, indeed :)

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      1. haha I know you were only kidding about being drunk. “Think outside the box.” isn’t that what everyone keeps saying?? So take pictures outside the box ;) Don’t matter as long as you enjoy yourself. & Practice makes one perfect, right? Keep taking pictures.

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