Wednesday Wisdom-Tile

The Canada-nerves have started to kick in, especially after I learned I will be travelling there with twenty-nine others (and I hate big groups of people – talk about being a human paradox!).

Anyway, I found this quote and it made me laugh, so I thought I’d share :)

PS: to all people who have emailed me: if by tomorrow I have not replied (busy busy busy!), then you can file an official complaint which you can send to the email-address you already have. Just make it a long one, so I’ll have something to read when abroad ;)



15 thoughts on “Wednesday Wisdom-Tile

      1. That area seems so beautiful. I’m a city boy — have enjoyed Montreal and Toronto, although my (still-beloved) ex-wife says Vancouver is her favorite city ever. So I only know the national parks in pictures. But they are REALLY impressive pictures.

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    1. I keep hearing very positive stories about Canada and Canadians. Despite being a little anxious about my travel companions, I can’t wait to see the country! :D


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