Wednesday Wisdom-Tile

Today, as we do each year, the Dutch remember all those who fell during WWII. Tomorrow we celebrate our freedom, and after that we’ll go back to our everyday business, such as sending Syrian refugees back to whatever country they first fled to, because we secretly don’t want them (please note the sarcasm in my writing here).

Anyway, in honour of the people we lost back then and all those still fighting and running from war today, here is a very wise quote from a young someone who became one of the most famous Dutch victims of WWII.

I hope you’re all safe, and let’s never forget our giant mistakes of the past so as to never repeat them in the future.



15 thoughts on “Wednesday Wisdom-Tile

    1. Not a holiday, just a remembrance. At 8pm this evening our nation will be silent for two minutes to remember the victims. And or Day Of Freedom, tomorrow, is only an officialy holiday once every five years. But everyone’s off this year anyway, because it’s on the same day as Christ’s Ascension (if I remember the English term for it correctly). But basically, we’re not even free to celebrate we’re free. Tssk.

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      1. Wow, that is strange. I just think it is weird that we have holidays to celebrate tragedies. It just seems awkward to have a day off, but have to figure out a way to remember the tragedies while still enjoying the day off.

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  1. This quote and post hit home as I just visited Anne Frank’s Park in Paris. There were children playing, people relaxing in the sunshine and some enjoying their lunch. It seemed a fitting tribute to this optimistic girl whose life was cut short. Wonderful post!

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  2. It’s cool that you get a day off for Christ’s Ascension. Most Americans only know about Christmas and Easter and only get off of work for Christmas (and various national holidays). Happy Ascension Day! J.

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