Wednesday Wisdom-Tile



9 thoughts on “Wednesday Wisdom-Tile

  1. Oh yeah, I have been telling those 2 guys what they need to hear, well they don’t because right now they are puzzled with life. Let’s see where this goes with our friendship !

    I am starting a new endeavor from next week, so all is fantastic at my end.

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    1. Well, what I really meant was in times when you ask your friends for answers to any kind of personal question, a true friend would be honest with you rather than lie. And although sometimes it’s not what you want to hear, it’s usually exactly what you need to see clearly yourself.
      I am happy you are doing well!! Keep up the good spirit, Bhanu! :)

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    1. Yea, I think we all are. Which is why we need good friends to help us regain perspective every now and then :p Plus, we get to return the favour one day!


      1. I guess you are right. My family is always telling me to chill out and stop being so bitter, but I’m always telling them that this thing will get us a new house someday. That tricks them just enough so I get to keep doing posts.

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