Sunday Summary

Tuesday’s Making Up For A Missed Sunday Summary

(Week 16)

sunday_summary_new“You may delay, but time will not”Benjamin Franklin

Another belated summary today. As it turned out, the apartment I was in during my weekend in Dublin didn’t have free WiFi, but was WiFi free. Oh well. I don’t think I would have had time to blog with two small children running around like headless chickens, flicking every switch in all the rooms on and off while trying to bash each other’s heads in with their stuffed animals (it was a family weekend and my sister brought her kids).

Needless to say I learned a lot last weekend, but that’s for next summary. Tonight, here’s what I learned last week:

  1. Even in horror films there are always good moments. Just like in real life. Everything comes with ups and downs, and even if you know a character is going to die in the movie, you’ll see “happy scenes” where they are having tons of fun right before being hit by a machete (or anything else Jason Voorhees can get his hands on). If today feels like a lost day, a bad one, know that tomorrow might be better. Even if you don’t see the light, it’s still there.
  2. Stop caring so much about everything. When you’re sick, you only care about getting better. Nothing else matters. How come it’s so difficult to have the same mindset when you’re healthy? Being a little more careless seems the way to go. The world won’t stop spinning if you don’t post your weekly summary on the scheduled day. Just saying ;)
  3. Sometimes it’s better NOT to know something. I caught myself wondering what my evil aunt thinks of my mother. They’re sisters that don’t get along, and that’s softly spoken, but they are forced to cooperate regarding their deceased other sister’s inheritance. As a curious person I like to know everything about everything, but as I posed this question to myself I instantly knew I didn’t want to know the answer. It can’t be pretty and most importantly: it doesn’t matter. What matters is your own thoughts and your own opinions, not what someone else might (or might not) think about you.
  4. Don’t use fears as an excuse not to do something you really want. I think it’s safe to say that by now most people know I want to move to another country. What I keep telling myself is, however, that my parents can’t live without me. That somehow they are dependent on me, although I know that’s not (entirely) true. I also know I have a sister that will keep an eye on them if I was to emigrate, but a big part of me is worried about my family.
    A much bigger part of me is using this fear as an excuse not to pursue my dreams. The fantasy is all fine and sweet in my head, but what if reality will disappoint me? The result is that I make myself unhappy by dreaming big and living small. It’s time to get rid of the fears, and as I wrote last week (number three) the only way to do so is not listen to them and just take the leap.
  5. Self-examination on your breasts is best done with a flat hand. My mum had her annual check-up last Thursday and as usual the specialist examined her breasts (my mother is a breast cancer survivor). Mum commented on the way the specialist used her full hands instead of the two fingers most leaflets advice to use. The specialist told my mother it’s actually easier to feel abnormalities by using your full hand, as you automatically start prodding yourself when using fingers only, making it difficult to sense if there’s a knob or a lump in your breast.
    Turns out leaflets don’t know it all, after all.
  6. Never take your parents anywhere: they will drive you crazy. My parents claim they like to travel and take holidays, but I suspect nothing is less true. The mere thought of going to Dublin for the weekend stressed out my father to the extent where I was willing to jump of a bridge or maybe accidentally-on-purpose miss the flight. For some people, there should be an age limit for travelling and my father is the first this law should be applied to. He kept asking the same questions, checking, double-checking, triple-checking and tenfold-checking all paperwork, passports, bags, etcetera. In times like these he turns into a big infant, tantrums included, and he’s deaf to all reason, information, and the sound of human voices in general. Really, really annoying.
    Thank goodness the Irish seem to have an alcoholic solution for any problem ;)
  7. Paper wisdom! This week it’s the following mantra: I will not get upset over the old, I will not be satisfied with the new. I will not mourn what is lost and I will not be dominated by desire.
    best_wishesBasically, this means: chill out. Which is exactly what I need to do after a very stressful and tiresome weekend in one of the most beautiful and fun cities I’ve ever visited. If anyone has meditation tips for n00bs, please contact me through the comments. Otherwise I feel tempted to search for an “Irish solution” to reduce my stress :p

That’s it for this week! Or, actually, for last week! Let’s end it all with the Earworm Of Last Week then, shall we?

In Irish: sláinte!


13 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Making Up For A Missed Sunday Summary

  1. Yes I have been wondering where you were, thought you might be occupied in life. Quoting Benjamin, you did justice to your post and your thoughts :)

    Ask me how I manage without WiFi
    Wondering a day when we will run out of fuel.

    Wrote a post on relationship again, today.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. The thing is blogging should never come in between life :)
        Life comes first. So it is good to stick to it. I was off for 6 months :P

        The first class of meditation this days is going offline :D, takes a great deal.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Actually, that was me trying a pun :p The owners of the apartments were clear where they had and didn’t have WiFi :) But it was strange to find an internet connection box in your apartment that doesn’t work, haha.
      I’ll check out your post later :)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I land the 21st and from memory I think we have 2 days there, so I reckon the 22nd? And I’m making a round trip, so we end in Vancouver as well, but that’s somewhere around June 1st-2nd.


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