Wednesday Wisdom-Tile

Still thinking of Belgium and all the attacks that happened before.



10 thoughts on “Wednesday Wisdom-Tile

  1. It’s all Obama’s fault: IF it he did not pull out the troops—prematurely–from Iraq, IF when the Iraq president, or Syrian president crossed the red line and he acted, IF NATO took a firm stand on Syrian war a few years ago…

    Well, if we have acted, this would not happen.

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    1. One could go back even further to the Middle Eastern boundaries established at the end of WWII. On hindsight, the boundaries established for the various countries may have taken religious and ethnic differences more into consideration.

      Or still further back to some of the decisions the Eastern Roman Emperor Constantine made.

      Or further back yet.

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        1. The bottom line is, when Americans fails to lead (bar leading from behind, Obama’s doctrine), no one will. Europeans, except British, have long lost the appetite for tough choice. Obama is now turning America to a European style country.

          As the result of this collective inaction, the issues that could have been contained with a masculine approach are now blowing up, one by one, and more to come…


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