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Today I wanted to write about my dentist. Not because I am scared of going there, but because I look forward to it every six months. He’s kind of hot, actually, and I always forget why I don’t fancy him more, until I go and he starts talking. And talking. And talking. And adds some more talking.

He’s really nice, but honestly, I am not an idiot. You don’t have to explain everything you do to my teeth or gums in six-fold, thank you.

Anyway, I have some jaw issues I hoped he could solve (by slapping my jaw back into position or something… I don’t know, dentists are known to be cruel!), but it turns out it’s just muscle pains…

I’ve heard it all now. I’ve had muscle pains in every part of my body, two Freedom Sculpt classes ago I couldn’t even walk after finding out I had used more back-muscles than I knew I had, and now I can happily add “jaw muscles” to the list. Although, leave out the “happily”.

Leave out happy altogether, for the first thing I heard when I switched on the radio was “there has been a second bombing in a metro station.”

When do people stop this!? What is their to gain by blowing up your own kind? I’ll never, never understand!

I’ve been to Brussels, I’ve been to Zaventem. I’ve walked through that targeted hallway years ago. I have friends in Belgium.

I am utterly stupefied and at loss for words. So no real Tuesday blog post. I couldn’t fit it in with today’s crazy schedule¬†anyway (chaos in a perfectionist’s world) , I am too tired to function properly, and my last resources and energy have taken a huge blast from another major disappointment in the human race.

So I’m going to leave it at this, with these words on your screen and my thoughts in Belgium.

Be safe everyone, and appreciate what you have.


7 thoughts on “Numb

  1. The Belgium terrorist attack is yet again an example some people simply exist to kill other people. With that in mind we should appreciate each day we are blessed with and all those we love. In other news…my wife and I have our six month dental checkups/cleanings tomorrow. We always hope for the best of news…and get out of there smiling with clean bills of dental health…instead of being “bitten” with issues found.


  2. Yes, you are right. Crazy people do crazy things, sadly often hurting innocent people in the process.
    Good to hear your teeth are all fine, lol. Mine were approved of, too. At least for the next six months ;)


  3. My thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by these horrible acts of cowardice and cruelty. Your words ring true: “…appreciate what you have.” We all need to be so much more aware of this. Hope you have a jaw-dropping awesome day. ;)

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  4. The Brussels situation was awful. I am struck by how many of these previously inconceivable killings keep happening. What horrible twisted minds these people have.

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