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Sunday Summary

(Week 11)

sunday_summary_new“Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely”Auguste Rodin

First of all: I am sorry for not replying to a lot of comments, emails, texts… I don’t know what’s come over me, but I suspect it has something to do with the changing of the seasons. When you’re done laughing: I always get super exhausted when winter becomes spring and when summer makes way for fall (although funnily enough autumn and spring are my favourite seasons). It must be the air or the weather or something.

Point is: I am so tired all the time, I feel I could sleep forever and still be tired!

I solemnly promise to go through all unanswered messages ASAP and reply/get back to you. Just bear with me, please. It usually lasts for a few weeks before I’m the neurotic old me again :)

Okay, back to what you came here for: my weekly summary! My theory is simple: if you learn something new each day, by the end of the week you’ll have gained seven points of wisdom. Well, this is the end of the week for me, so here are my learning moments:

  1. I have a motor control deficiency, but only on the left side. Growing weirder each week, so it seems, I discovered I do not do well physically when left is the way to go. A little elaboration is necessary: I took my first XCORE class last Monday and all went well when the target direction was right. XCORE uses a tube-like object that’s filled with grit. If you want to see how it’s done, check the link above.
    Now, as I said, everything was just peaches with the single-single-shakes to the right. But then we had to do the same starting to the left and my brains couldn’t handle it! It got even worse when there was footwork involved. A single step-touch while shaking my tube to the left became mayhem! I hope I’ll do better tomorrow. After all, practice makes perfect, right?
  2. You don’t always have to speak. For some reason, I always think I need to have the last word to say or need to know everything about everything. Last Tuesday, however, I felt cranky beyond limits and as my mother was blabbing on about something irrelevant (and very uninteresting) I felt too tired to talk back. So I didn’t. I was so relieved! I didn’t have to think about what to say, or about how I was going to say it, or about how my mother (or anyone else) would interpret it. I was alone and quietly pleased with myself. Especially quietly.
  3. Old habits die easier than I thought. When I decided I wouldn’t eat chocolate during the week (bad skin, bad for health, etcetera), I never in a million years would have thought I wouldn’t miss it. The same goes for cheese.
    But lately, after I’ve had about three to six chocolate Easter eggs (yes, my mum’s at it again! She keeps buying them and places them in front of me, knowing I find it hard to resist them -_-) I am done. Seriously spooky stuff, but it’s true! My body is now getting used to not munching on chocolate all the time, so it’s not asking for it any more! The same goes for cheese! Totally bizarre, but it’s proven then: breaking old habits is easier than everyone always states.
  4. A tree’s roots grow underground the way its top grows into the air. I am not exactly sure if this is the case, but I saw someone on TV mention it to a tree-expert and he nodded wisely without correcting her, so I’m guessing it is. I never knew this.
    Please note they probably don’t mean the tree is precisely mirrored under the ground the way it looks above, but on TV it was all about the range of a tree’s roots. Apparently they take up more space than anyone ever told me!
  5. Don’t feel guilty for having a better life than a lot of people, but use it as a motivation to improve someone else’s life. All my life, or at least for the majority of it, I’ve felt guilty for having had it so easy. I live in a decent house, have two nice parents, was allowed to become whatever it was that I wanted to be, never experienced war first-hand, never had any serious worries, and was able to go to school and learn something. I fully understand there’s a whole lot of people out there whose lives aren’t as mellow and easy as mine. People who are younger than me, are poorer than me, are living on the streets. I feel bad that I’ve had it so great without putting in any effort to get here.
    A few nights ago I dreamed of my grandfather. He told me he was proud of me (always nice to hear), but that I needed to stop worrying about my life being this good in comparison to the lives of many others in the world. He said I should use my life’s easiness as a starting point: if I think everyone deserves to have as great a life as I have, I should use it as a reason to help other people instead of merely feeling guilty. I agree.
  6. Running makes the world a happier place and me a happier person. Sometimes people ask me why I run, often because they can’t imagine having a more boring hobby. For a long time, I didn’t know the answer. It’s not the running itself, as I always come home panting and dizzy. And during the last minutes of my workout I am notorious for pulling pained faces and grunting, silently cursing my timer for not being anywhere near to zero yet.
    But the answer came to me today. I run because it makes me happy. Literally. After my stretches and shower, I can’t think of anything better than lying on the couch with a book or my DS and a cup of tea. It’s a state of complete and utter zen. I feel like I can take on the world, no matter what I encounter on my path. Running makes the world appear as a lovelier place. Ahh, the power of endorphins! :)
  7. This week’s paper wisdom could have been written by Nietzsche: You identify yourself with nothing. In this world there is nothing you call your possession and you are not sad about not owning a thing. You have found peace. Well, this is not completely true, as I do identify myself with the things I own, but merely because it reflects what kind of person I am. Do I care a lot for my possessions? No, not really. Apart from my first stuffed panda, pretty much everything is replaceable. Basically, the way I see it is that we can’t take anything materialistic with us to the afterlife, so why care so much about items? I much rather be free, indeed, and take with me happy life experiences and memories.

This week’s Earworm has been stuck in my head for a good day or… four. It’s one of my favourite Irish folk songs, and in the (belated) light of St. Patrick’s Day, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


There it is for this week! What have you learned?


31 thoughts on “Sunday Summary

  1. I enjoyed reading all these things you have learned. The tree part is true, but only sort-of true; there are many kinds of trees, and not all of them have root systems as large as the above-ground part of the true. On the other hand, many kinds do. J.

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  2. Your comment about being fortunate compared to others really resonated with me Samantha. Today I watched a TV special about daily life in Cuba and, while I already imagined it was pretty much like what I saw on the show it still struck me how very much these folks have been oppressed. I know their plight pales in comparison to other countries’ citizens suffering but theirs was so totally unnecessary due to one man’s obsession with power and isolationism. Made me feel very lucky indeed. Give that panda a hug for me. By the way I enjoy your site so much I put a link to it on my two sites. Have a great week ahead. Bruce B.

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  3. And that’s the thing, Bruce: a lot of human suffering is unnessesary! It happens because some idiots seek power and fortune over the backs of other people.
    Thank you so much for linking back to DD! That means a lot to me :) Hope you have a great week, Bruce!


  4. 1. Your # 5 is so well put — should be required reading for all our Euro-American friends.
    2. My friend, Paul Levitt, wrote a novel, “Stalin’s Barber” (I wish I had thought of that title first), in which the following line appears: “I am stunned! Microfilm in the panda!”
    3. In your honor, I am giving up chocolate until 3:15 p.m. today.

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    1. Thanks! It’s something I’ve been feeling for such a long time, I feel I am obliged to share my happiness with others.
      Love that quote!
      Oh wow, that’s awesome! I have given in, because I am stupid. Meaning I thought it was a great idea to make brownies today… I rest my case. No chocolate for me this weekend then ;)

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      1. A custom bumper sticker for Samantha: “Chocolate is never stupid.” My new novel (“Hippies”), which is completed and ready for pre-publication beta readers, includes a minor character who can’t give up the pot brownies, despite misadventures due to them — a perfect meme for a Dutch chocolate lover. If you want to preview the manuscript in pdf format, email me at drggautier@gmail.com, and when I come to the Netherlands I will bring you a chocolate cheesecake — sorry, I mean a kale salad. Don’t feel ANY obligation to read the novel, though; no matter what, I will still enjoy your blog and toss in my little bon mots along the way :)


        1. Hi Gary, sorry for the long wait for a reply, today’s been busier than anticipated. Anyway, I’ll be sure to contact you in the next few days (or weeks, or months… at the rate I’m going it could be next year :p), because I would like to read your manuscript indeed! :)
          Don’t bring me a chocolate cheesecake, though. I like the chocolate, but I don’t like cheesecakes D: I much rather use chocolate to make brownies, or mud pies, or triple chocolate cakes, or choco treats, or… Ooh, now I’m hungry again :<


          1. Query me any time and you can throw the pdf in a folder for when you have time. In case you missed my secret code, “chocolate cheesecake” was the code name for kale salad. So don’t worry. No chocolate cheesecake for you :)

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  5. i am, and am not, envious that you have a bit of time, resolution and consistency, and presence of mind to not only identify but write about and flesh out your recent “life’s lessons.”

    what was direct to me was, the running. Satyrday i did something not totally abnormal, but i hadn’t done in a while — which was to “schwack” (short4 ‘bushwhack’) — i ran off-trail and more-or-less along the rim over “the river” for a couple miles. was relatively easy in that the high desert does not have a lot of ‘undergrowth’ and one can (usually) dodge the cactus and see far enough ahead to make the line, the route, and keep going. and the dawgs chased a lotta rabbitz.

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      1. that’s about “El Caballo Blanco”? i’m too lazy to read the book (but i might, and should!) — however, if I’m on the right track, THE MOVIE is being shown in my town in a few weeks and i plan to be there.

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      2. Yes, Betunada, that’s the book about “El Caballo Blanco.” I didn’t know it was a movie! Samantha, I too live on flat land (New Orleans), but I used to live in the Rocky Mountains (Boulder), where I dropped dead innumerable times while out jogging :)


    1. Well, hey, you got out and ran! That’s great! And don’t be fooled for one second, because I run super-slow (so slow my GPS tracker won’t even work… -_-) AND I live in a mountain-less country, so if ever I go on a run outside of the Netherlands, I probably will drop dead after a hill or two.

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  6. Hey, Samantha. All of my comments went right through except one got marked “awaiting moderation.” Could it be because that one included an email address?? Just want to make sure you got it. Gary

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    1. Hi Gary. Yes, it’s awaiting moderation because it contains a link, but your comment was too long for me to approve it on my phone (WP won’t let me scroll down for some reason). I’ll be on my laptop today so I’ll settle it then, no worries. Sorry for the confusion!

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