Wednesday Wisdom-Tile

This week’s wisdom is not so much captured in the quote itself, but in the act I performed in order to obtain it (aka working way ahead and thus avoiding any last-minute stress and/or problems).

And especially for this occasion I thought it wise (pun!) to change the Delft blue tile to a somewhat more fitting colour :)


Woohoo! :D


13 thoughts on “Wednesday Wisdom-Tile

    1. It’s just a holiday, don’t worry ;) I’ll be travelling in a group of single-travellers (how much paradox do you want!?) and we’ll be touring the West. Banff, Jasper, you name it :)


        1. Thanks! I’ll be visiting Vancouver, too. I’ll let you know if it’s worth the drive ;) (I assume it is, though, judging from all the pictures I’ve seen).


          1. Vancouver (CAN, that is, as compared/opposed to VAN, Wa) IS, indeed, “worth the drive.” I’ve loved being there every time i’ve, well, uh, been there! (shameless self-promotional plug: 1st time was hitch-hiking there … maybe scan my post “alongside kerouac”)

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