Nerd (aka If Your License Plates Say It Is So, It Must Be True)

[noun; ~ Pronunciation: /nurd/]

  • Definition: See picture below.
nerd“Anyways, I am a nerd, bookworm, geek… whatever you want to call me. I’m the type of person that would rather sit down and read a good book than go out and party”Jaqueline Emerson

My license plates have NRD in them. And no, that’s not on purpose: we don’t get to choose what to put on them in the Netherlands, so there! It’s the Universe telling me to rock my nerdiness! Or at least drive it, for that matter.

As I was googling for great nerd-quotes (you wouldn’t believe how many there exist!), I came across the following one:

“Comic-Con is nerd Christmas. People go wanting to have fun”Chris Hardwick.


That’s right! This nerd is! :D Weeee!

Notice the Delft blue tiles in the background? And the cheesy way of spelling “Dutch”? ;)

“Nerd” sounds negative, doesn’t it? But I mean it in a very positive way! I am a total, utter nerd and I am proud of it! I don’t like to go out and party until my feet can’t carry me any more. I honestly don’t see the point in that. I am totally awkward in social situations and I don’t make friends easily.

I do like lounging on the sofa with a good book in my hands or while watching a god-awful old horror movie on TV.

Still not convinced? If there’s any male nerds out there, brace yourself, because I am about to drop the total nerd-bomb on you:

I like playing rpg’s. That’s right! I’ve played countless MMORPG’s, and not only that, I even know what that’s short for. Hah!

Still not convinced? Not only do I own an antique SNES, my favourite games ever are Secret Of Mana and Chrono Trigger, the latter of which I have every intention to finish thirteen more times this year in order to witness all different endings. Also, I have the CD from Symphonic Fantasies, which is music from the most popular games by Square Enix (including my two favourite ones), performed by an actual orchestra.

STILL not convinced? I was going to dress up for Comic-Con as Marle, the princess from Chrono Trigger. I only cancelled my plans because my sister, who I’m going with, isn’t going to dress up and I didn’t want to be the only one in a silly outfit. Plus, I don’t have enough time left to get my glam together, because I took too long trying to decide between going as Marle or Purim from Secret Of Mana… But there’s always next year, right?

I am so excited! And not because Dutch Comic-Con has managed to get several American TV-series-stars crazy enough to come to my cold, small country to be around obsessed fans. You see, I honestly don’t know who the visiting actor from The Walking Dead is. I’ve only just finished season four and he wasn’t in that one or the ones before, so… can’t say that I care too much.

BUT! The black Power Ranger is coming! I used to be a super fan of that show (when I was like… ten! Ahh, nostalgia). I know he’s done stuff afterwards, but again: don’t know and don’t care.

What I’m really excited about, though, is this: I’ve seen videos from the American Comic-Con and I always said I’d like to go one day. But the US is pretty far away and I’ve been told Comic-Con tickets sell faster than hot buns. So I never got any further than dreaming of this nerd-heaven, until last year, when some people started a Dutch Comic-Con. I couldn’t go in 2015, but this year nothing’s stopping me! :)

The only slight apprehension I feel comes from my antipathy for huge crowds. I’m hoping being surrounded by fellow nerds (and being a female nerd myself – apparently we’re rare) will make Dutch Comic-Con more enjoyable.

And if not, I’ll revert to being a quiet, lonely nerd. With license plates to prove it.


21 thoughts on “Nerd (aka If Your License Plates Say It Is So, It Must Be True)

    1. Deep down, we’re all nerds, Bhanu ;)
      I’m not really sure of that, though, lol. It kind of feels like putting another label on someone. But then again, I feel I am a nerd and it feels good, so I’m holding on to it. Thanks for your kind words and for stopping by often. You’re very amazing yourself, just for that :)

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        1. Aw, that’s very sweet :) In Dutch we have a saying which means: those who you hang around with are contagious. So if I have the magic factor, your mirror is just as magical for stopping by :)

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  1. I’ve never been to Comic-Con (any of them) but I would love to go. I have gone to PAX, which is a video game conference right here in Seattle (among other places) and it was amazing. So many nerds dressed up in every imaginable type of costume. Video games everywhere and I even got to bring my son once. If you have a 3DS, bring it. You get so many street passes, you can’t even contain them all before you get 10 more. I think that was my and my son’s favorite part. Getting all the street passes.

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  2. I think the word nerd is pretty positive now, or at least only affectionately negative. I don’t know if I’d qualify as a nerd or not. I’ve never been to any kind of comic-con and can only name a handful of Marvel and DC characters. On the other hand, I do like science fiction, I’ve watched Doctor Who with my children for years and I really liked the video games Skyrim and Oblivion. Perhaps I could be a nerd-let or a semi-nerd.

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    1. I’m not sure if there are specific requirements for being a nerd, but I guess as long as you feel like you’re one you’re always welcome to put that stamp on your forehead ;)

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  3. Being NERD IS SEXY! hope you know that already? I love playing games, not MMORPGS or RPG etc but video games and PC games like COD,LS etc are more my thing. Another thing to like about you Samantha… Not only you are a fabulous person but you are a nerd. Things are getting awesome around here…

    Keep writing girl ;)

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