Introducing: the Weekly Wednesday Wisdom-Tile!

The Dutch are known for many things (mostly bad ones – hah!), but what you might or might now know about is a phenomenon called “Dutch tile-wisdom”: a Delft Blue wall-tile with a funny/wise/inspirational saying on it.

I love beautiful and witty quotes, but because I’ve been posting mostly Dictionary-entries lately I kind of slacked off in the quote department. I thought this would be a nice way to keep them coming still, while at the same time holding on to something of my culture I actually appreciate.

There is not much on tile-wisdom on Wikipedia (at least not in English), but if I made you curious you can visit this website about Delftware. If you want to make your own tile (for whatever reason), click here. The site is in Dutch, but it’s kind of self-explanatory, so go tile your heart out!

Okay, that’s enough jibber-jabber about my country’s strange cultural heritage, let’s get to the actual tile-wisdom for today!



26 thoughts on “Introducing: the Weekly Wednesday Wisdom-Tile!

  1. The quote in image has been my motto for life, where I try to learn as much as I can :) My blog is a part of journal I tend to keep from the observations I have of people around my and my understanding about me.

    Good Post !

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      1. Yes. It does. One of my friend though has a counter argument saying that one cannot really know somethings unless they experience themselves. Well that is true to an extent, but may be we are a different kind of species, who believe in learning from others and our brain has developed that meticulous aspect of paraphrasing things in our head and managing to develop imagination and emotion for the events in other’s life.

        I hope I make some sense :)

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        1. You do ;)
          I think it also has something to do with empathy: if it’s easier for someone to see things through someone else’s eyes, to switch perspectives, it’s probably also easier to learn from someone else’s mistakes, because you can imagine what it would have been like.

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          1. How selfish soever man may be supposed, there are evidently some principles in his nature, which interest him in the fortunes of others, and render their happiness necessary to him, though he derives nothing from it, except the pleasure of seeing it. Of this kind is pity or compassion, the emotion we feel for the misery of others, when we either see it, or are made to conceive it in a very lively manner. That we often derive sorrow from the sorrows of others, is a matter of fact too obvious to require any instances to prove it; for this sentiment, like all the other original passions of human nature, is by no means confined to the virtuous or the humane, though they perhaps may feel it with the most exquisite sensibility. The greatest ruffian, the most hardened violator of the laws of society, is not altogether without it.

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  2. Making my own tile seems daunting – very interesting site – so I’ll simply say I found the quote on yours timely as I lately feel I’m making all the mistakes myself! Gotta work on that, I know!

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    1. Sorry I took so long to respond to this, Mahevash, but I had to ponder on it for a while :p Truth is, I am really honoured you think my blog is worth a nomination, but I am not sure yet if that’s really me. I appreciate the gesture, but I am afraid my focus will shift from just writing to writing-to-be-found-good. I am weird like that. So thank you a million times, you made me really happy, but for now I’m going to let it be. I hope you understand :)

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