Status Update

Heavy Mood

My legs feel like they’re made of iron (I couldn’t even finish my jog this morning :(). My head feels as if it’s about to explode. My eyelids seem too heavy to stay up, and I swear there’s a whole horde of tiny gnomes having an extended drum session on the inner parts of my ears, shooting flames down into my left jaw with their tiny flame throwers while at it.

And I think I just broke the record for most sneezes in a row. Anyone ever had more than seven? At the rate I’m going, probably me, tomorrow.

I cannot get the flu now! I have spent a LOT of time creating a “goodbye pump”-lesson for next week, and I am going to give it, darn it! Dead or alive!

Preferably alive, though.


Okay, fluids, tissues, and sleep might work. In that order.


18 thoughts on “Heavy Mood

    1. I am betting on not getting the actual flu, I’m still in the sniffle-fase as we speak, no fever yet. But yea, I hear it from a lot of people they’re not feeling well. Maybe that’s the problem, them telling me personally…


    1. Thanks for the tip! Unfortunately, there’s been a flu epidemic around here, and I’ve been near several flu-ish people… But, so far I’ve only got painful ears and exhaustion. Maybe it’ll pass…

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